With the Deathless Regent outfit, we wanted to create something visually unique. We’re pretty sure we’ve achieved that –you have never been able to become a regal skeleton warrior before! By sheer fortune, Halloween is almost upon us and is a most fitting time to adorn yourself with either of these unique ghoulish outfits. Don’t

The true origins of these strange materials are shrouded in mystery, and Ocellus is staying tight-lipped, but one thing’s for certain: every master sharpshooter in Gielinor will want a set of this spectacular, powerful armour! Sirenic armour consists of three pieces: a mask (head), hauberk (torso) and chaps (legs). Each piece requires level 90 Defence

The latter is a little difficult, the broken Rune hatchet to Lumbridge Bob’s Brilliant Axes in the Bob conversation can be repaired, only to repair Bronze/Iron/Steel axe is free, Rune is paid to repair, but seemingly not expensive. If it is home repair, can also repair at home, and will be a little bit cheaper,

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My first impression is that this is more of an incremental update than a total overhaul, and there’s definitely still a lot of room for the game to grow. The new UI system is a welcome change, allowing you to move every element around, combine windows, and snap windows into position next to each other.

There are many kinds of thieves. I recommend pick-pocketing men in Lumbridge or in the house .Silk Stalls – The silk stall that you should steal from is located in the center of Ardougne. Baker Stalls – The baker stall is those in the center of Ardougne. Coshing Volunteer – To steal from Coshing Volunteers