Runescape axe repair task

The latter is a little difficult, the broken Rune hatchet to Lumbridge Bob’s Brilliant Axes in the Bob conversation can be repaired, only to repair Bronze/Iron/Steel axe is free, Rune is paid to repair, but seemingly not expensive. If it is home repair, can also repair at home, and will be a little bit cheaper, cheaper for the price: “1-smithinglevel/200”, special skills to use Smithing Cape as your Smithing 99 can be achieved after the half price effect. (there is no need for Rune hatchet this cheap goods).


First find Hassan task, and then go to the Drayon village for the Lilla to speak, then do a soft clay and a brozen bar lady Keli then go to prison, let her give you see keys. You’ll find out your soft clay became a key mode. Back to Drayon village, find the captain ned (a task in the Dragon Slayer he also useful) to buy a rope, third parts and then look for ned to 3 ball of wool let him give you a wig, find Aggie, three onions for a yellow dye, the wig (WIG) dye yellow, Back to al-karaild to find Osman let him give you brozen bar a key. Go back and find the Lilla key, the first part of the complete. fourth parts.

To find Aggie let her give you a skin paste, which requires ashes, bucket of water, pot of floor, red berry (may not be correct, according to instructions), fifth partially completed after, then go to Varrock to buy beer, back to the prison, let Joe drink all the beer, lady Keli tied up with ropes, with a key to open the prison door, save Prince Ali, he went back to find her, al-karaild Hassan, to complete the task.

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Ent game player — trees, trees will randomly into demonic body swaying trees; name will not change, but by the shallow blue (dead) turn yellow word (NPC), examine will also be said to be a Ent.