RS the best of leveling method

The profit at this level will be little if any at all. I would personally suggest you fight chickens for your first 5 attack levels, cows for your first 5 strength levels, and humans for your first 5 defenses levels. That’s just the grouping and order that seemed to work best for me, however u may choose to change your tactics a bit depending on what you want.


If you are after more money sooner than humans are your best bet. If fast easy levels are your goal, then chickens are the rout to go, and if you want to get some stock for crafting, then go with cows. If you choose cows then it would be a wise idea to have an axe (hatchet) and tinderbox with you. Whenever you get low on health you can simply cook some beef. This is also a good time to start training things such as woodcutting, fire making, and cooking.

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Well you have progressed a slight bit. Now you can fight slightly more powerful creatures. Now you can move out a little bit, but be careful, there are still a lot pretty dangerous creatures just a little ways out. Now you should fight creatures from level 1 – 5. These creatures include: Giant rats, Monkeys, imps, Highway men and everything in the last section. (You can get black capes from highway men.). The profit at this level will be very low if any. Now amour should start coming into question. I would suggest you start working on your mining and smiting skills so you can make your own. In order to make full bronze armor, this includes full helmet, kite shield, plate body, plate legs, and a weapon, you will need to work your way up to 18 smiting.