RS3 Skills Guide for Mining

Mining is the ability that enables you to mine ores, which you then burn down and turn into bars, used for making armor and devices. There are two procedures to mining, one where you bank the ores to either sell or smith the ore in the future, or the one where you simply drop it. I’m just going to point out the areas closest to banks, seeing as you can drop anywhere.


Mine the copper and container ore in the area south-east of Varrock. This locations is closest to the financial institution, so you can effortlessly make runs.

From degree 20 on, you could begin unearthing iron ore. If, however, you’re banking the iron ore for later use, you can remain at the mine south-east of Varrock.

You now have the choice to unearth coal. You could either blow up and locate some charcoal to mine, or you can proceed with your iron. It’s always a good concept to locate a combination of iron and another ore, so you can mine the iron while you wait for the various other ore to respawn. You could likewise extract mithril ore as soon as you hit 55.

You can now enter the mining guild. Head over there ASAP and start mining and banking all the iron and charcoal you can. You’ll be leveling in a snap. Just keep repeating again and again and you’ll reach your target in no time.

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85 is basically limit. You’re done, not much else to do. You could now unearth rune ore for money or smithing, or continue with your iron and charcoal. Reaching 99 will only make things go faster.