Runescape 3 Sirenic Armour

The true origins of these strange materials are shrouded in mystery, and Ocellus is staying tight-lipped, but one thing’s for certain: every master sharpshooter in Gielinor will want a set of this spectacular, powerful armour!


Sirenic armour consists of three pieces: a mask (head), hauberk (torso) and chaps (legs). Each piece requires level 90 Defence to be worn and imparts a best-in-slot ranged damage bonus, with defensive stats exceeded only by superior Death Lotus armour.

It degrades in the same way as tectonic armour: it becomes untradeable once it has been used in combat, cannot be repaired, and lasts for around 60,000 hits before disintegrating entirely.

The armour can only be obtained through the Crafting skill, or through trade. Crafting the armour requires Crafting levels of 91 to 93, as well as two materials: sirenic scales and algarum thread. For full details, take a look at the wiki.

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Sirenic scales can be found as drops from legiones, as well as from aquanites, spiritual mages and dark beasts, or traded. Algarum thread can be purchased from Ocellus Virius outside the Monastery of Ascension at a cost of 500,000 coins per unit.