The First Descendant: Maximum Damage Build For Lepic

Lepic is a playable character in The First Descendant (TFD), a cooperative looter shooter game. The BEST TFD Boosting Services are provided by u4gm. He is an AoE (Area of Effect) Dealer who subdues the battlefield with his powerful prosthetic right arm and grenades. The best gear setup for maximizing Lepic’s damage in The First Descendant involves a combination of carefully selected Descendant Modules, weapons, and components. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements:

Descendant Modules
For Lepic, you’ll want to focus on modules that boost skill power, reduce cooldowns, and provide additional damage. Lepic Character Leveling Boost prefers u4gm, which is professional and fast. Some key modules to include are:
· Non-Attribute Master – Improves Skill Power, with an additional boost to Non-Attribute Skill Power.
· Technician – Significantly improves Skill Power.
· Nimble Fingers – Reduces Skill Cooldowns.
· Entropy Acceleration – Increases damage dealt by skills.

Weapons and Weapon Modules
Lepic’s skills scale with Skill Power, so you’ll want to focus on weapons that provide the highest Skill Power. Some good options are:
· Dual Claws – Attacks using Dual Claws during Sub Attack. Increases Max Module Capacity.
· Traction Grenade – Deals AoE damage and stuns enemies.
Make sure to equip weapon modules that further boost Skill Power and damage.

Your reactor should have the Tech and Singular tags to provide additional multipliers for your skills.

External Components
External components can provide additional boosts to Skill Power, damage, and cooldown reduction. Look for components with relevant stats.

By combining a Skill Power-focused module setup, high Skill Power weapons, a well-rolled reactor, and supporting components, you can create a powerful Lepic build capable of dealing massive AoE damage with abilities like the Hand Cannon.