How Rare is Each Fasnacht Mask in Fallout 76?

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The Fasnacht event in Fallout 76 is a vibrant celebration that brings players together to earn unique rewards, including various Fasnacht masks. These masks range from common to extremely rare, and understanding their rarity can enhance your gaming experience and trading strategy. In this article, we will explore the rarity of each Fasnacht mask, providing you with a comprehensive guide to their drop rates and value.

Introduction to Fasnacht Masks

Fasnacht is an annual event held in the town of Helvetia, where players participate in a parade to earn exclusive rewards. During this event, players can obtain Fasnacht masks, which vary in rarity. The drop rate of these masks depends on the number of robots that survive the parade. In order to complete the quests faster to get the masks in the Fasnacht event, we can buy caps Fallout 76 at U4GM, which will help us proceed more smoothly in the rest of the game.

Common Masks

Common masks have the highest drop rates, making them the easiest to obtain. If all five robots survive the parade, each common mask has a 4.75% chance of dropping. These masks are frequently seen and are often traded at lower values.

List of Common Masks:

  • Soldier Mask
  • Toothy Man Mask
  • Witch Mask
  • Giant Mask
  • Owl Mask

These masks are popular among players and are great for those starting their Fasnacht mask collection.

Uncommon Masks

Uncommon masks are a bit harder to come by, with a 7.91% chance of dropping if all five robots survive. This rate drops to 5.55% if only three to four robots survive, and there is no chance of obtaining these masks if fewer than three robots survive.

List of Uncommon Masks:

  • Pig Mask
  • Unicorn Mask
  • Minotaur Mask
  • Alien Mask
  • Turkey Mask
  • Robot Mask
  • Honeybee Mask
  • Blue Devil Mask
  • Scorched Beast Mask
  • Scorched Beast Queen Mask
  • Jester Mask
  • Sun Mask
  • Skull Mask
  • Beret
  • Goblin Mask

These masks are more valuable than common masks and are often sought after by collectors.

Rare Masks

Rare masks have a significantly lower drop rate of 2.38% if all five robots survive. These masks are highly coveted and can fetch high prices in the player market. If fewer than five robots survive, these masks will not drop.

List of Rare Masks (Non-Glowing):

  • Raven Mask
  • Deathclaw Mask
  • Winter Man Mask
  • Lone Wanderer Mask
  • Father Winter Helmet (Power Armor T-45)
  • Brahmin Mask
  • Demon Mask
  • Buffoon Mask
  • Hag Mask
  • Fiend Mask

List of Rare Masks (Glowing):

  • Glowing Pig Mask
  • Glowing Unicorn Mask
  • Glowing Minotaur Mask
  • Glowing Alien Mask
  • Glowing Turkey Mask
  • Glowing Robot Mask
  • Glowing Honeybee Mask
  • Glowing Blue Devil Mask
  • Glowing Scorched Beast Mask
  • Glowing Scorched Beast Queen Mask

Glowing masks are especially rare and make a striking appearance in the Wasteland, making them highly desirable.

Tips for Collecting Fasnacht Masks

  1. Ensure All Robots Survive: The drop rates for masks are highest when all five robots survive the parade. Focus on protecting the robots to maximize your chances.
  2. Trade Wisely: Understand the rarity and market value of each mask. Rare and glowing masks can be worth thousands of caps, so research before trading.
  3. Avoid Donation Boxes: Higher-level players often take masks from donation boxes to sell. Instead, consider directly giving masks to low-level players in less populated areas.


The Fasnacht event in Fallout 76 offers a range of masks that vary in rarity and value. By understanding the drop rates and taking steps to protect the parade robots, you can increase your chances of obtaining these coveted items. Whether you’re a collector or a trader, knowing the rarity of each mask will help you make informed decisions in the Wasteland.

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