The First Descendant: Maximizing Damage with Weapon Mod and DPS

If you’re looking to significantly increase your damage output, this guide is for you. We’ll break down the importance of mods and passes on your weapons and how to effectively maximize your DPS (Damage Per Second). Buy cheap TFD Gold Farming to easily acquire components for weapon and module boosts. Use coupon code “harry” at U4GM to get discounts and save more!

Understanding Firearm Attack and Its Importance

Firearm Attack: The base damage of your gun is crucial because everything scales off of it, including RPM (Rounds Per Minute) and magazine size. This means that the higher your firearm attack, the more damage you’re dealing overall.

Key Mods to Enhance DPS

  1. Elemental Damage Mods:
  • These mods are essential as they add elemental damage based on a percentage of your firearm attack.
  • For example, a mod adding 8% chill attack will significantly boost your damage without changing the sheet DPS.

  1. Weak Point Damage:
  • Mods increasing weak point damage can be misleading in the sheet DPS. A 16% increase in weak point damage doesn’t show directly but significantly impacts your real DPS when hitting weak points.

  1. Critical Hit Mods:
  • Similar to weak point damage, crit rate and crit damage mods don’t reflect accurately in the sheet DPS but provide substantial boosts during actual gameplay.

Mod Optimization

  1. Maximizing Base Damage:
  • Prioritize mods that increase your base firearm damage. This boosts all other damage types (elemental, crits, etc.).
  • Example: Rifling Reinforcement increases base damage, leading to higher overall DPS.

  1. Elemental Enhancements:
  • Always include at least one elemental mod to exploit enemy weaknesses and increase your base damage.

  1. Capacity Management:
  • Each mod consumes module capacity. Focus on a few key mods and max them out rather than spreading points across many.
  • Example: Rifling Reinforcement can take up 14% of capacity initially but offers significant returns.

Endgame Optimization

  1. Advanced Mods:
  • As you progress, start incorporating advanced mods like chill enhancement. These scale exponentially as you level them up.

  1. Energy Capacitors:
  • These items increase your mod capacity, allowing for more complex and powerful setups. They are hard to obtain but crucial for maximizing late-game damage.

  1. Critical Hits and Weak Points:
  • Invest in mods that increase crit rate and weak point damage once your base firearm attack is sufficiently high.

Character Mod Optimization

  1. Skill Power and Cooldowns:
  • Focus on mods that boost skill power and reduce cooldowns. This enhances your abilities and overall effectiveness in combat.

  1. Crystallization Catalyst:
  • This endgame tool resets your character level and changes socket types, allowing you to slot high-cost mods at a reduced capacity.

  1. Module Capacity Boosts:
  • Leveling up sub-modules (like claws or grappling hook) increases your overall module capacity without raising the cost, allowing for more flexibility.

Practical Tips

  1. Early Game Setup:
  • Maximize base firearm damage and elemental mods. Focus on these before diving into crit rate and weak point mods.

  1. Farming and Leveling:
  • Spend time farming to level up your key mods. This will pay off significantly in terms of damage output.

  1. Future Planning:
  • Prepare for the long-term by understanding that your damage will exponentially increase with advanced mods and catalysts.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to maximize your damage output in The First Descendant. Focus on increasing your base firearm attack, incorporating elemental damage, and managing your module capacity wisely. As you progress, unlock advanced mods and catalysts to further enhance your setup.