Almost A Month Has Passed Since The Start Of The OBT Version Of MU Legend

From now on, we added numerous safety and stability updates towards the server to be able to strengthen your game encounter. Almost a month has passed since the start of open beta testing of the international version of MU Legend. In November 2017, the open beta testing of the international version of MU Legend – Korean project, which is a prequel to the once popular MU Online in the past, was launched.

MU Legend

One of patch for the international version of MU Legend has added a new PvP content – the 3vs3 arena. Unlike the arena of 1vs1, where players fought with AI-copies of the characters of other players, in the arena of 3vs3 you have to play with ” live” players. For participating in the battles, you can get special tokens, called Fighter’s Tokens, for which you can buy various materials from the NPC. More details about the new mode you can visit website.

I have been buying MU Legend Zen on U4GM for a short time. But let me tell you that it has the best service that I can find. It is trusting, fast, secure and it has a big variety of prices. After significant changes in the game, the game was completely changed. The latest changes in the game itself, unimportant service, lack of necessary content and a serious artificial slowdown in the development of characters hit the popularity of MU Legend, causing a lot of negative reviews.

The developers of MU Legend said: ” We have addressed the developers to problems and future features. In the interview, you will learn how the launch of MU Legend feels for the developers and how it will continue in 2018 with the ARPG. ” MU Legend could rightly be called a serious project in which a fairly large number of players could play, and the current calm in the MMORPG, when in the coming year not to be expected to release high-profile projects outside the Korean region, several obliged at least download and install the game from company Webzen.