The Elder Scrolls Online: Spellcrafting – “It’s Not Dead Yet!”

The Elder Scrolls Online has been attracting you since the release with a feature that allows you to create your own spells and skills. Until now the Spellcrafting was nowhere to be seen. But now there was a sign of life.

Morrowind, the new chapter on ESO, is online soon and includes the long-awaited PvP Battlegrounds and a new class called Warden. However, what is still missing is the Spellcrafting feature that lets you invent your own spells. Spellcrafting have been ghosting for years by the announcements of the developers and user forums, but so far nothing concrete has been loud.


ESO – Spell Crafting – Forever in the Developer’s Room?

But what is Spellcrafting? According to the information so far known, one should look in the Spellcrafting special runes in the world and from these then basic spells learn. These should then be provided with further components by means of their own crafting system after heart failure. For example, by developing a single-target spell into an AoE effect.

This all sounds extremely cool and would fit wonderfully into the gameplay of ESO, exploring the world and discovering ancient secrets. The complex feature was always on the to-do list of Zenimax, but was treated very negatively. Because every year, official announcements once again stated that Spellcrafting did not come this time either.

Spellcrafting is not dead yet!

But just as no one really wanted to believe in Spellcrafting, a life symbol came. On Twitter, a Zenimax employee posted a brief statement: “It’s not dead yet!” He embed the famous scene from the Monty Python movie “Knights of the Coconut”, where a retired pensioner persists in front of the grave digger Not yet to be dead.

And even if in the film the scene ends in the end but to the disadvantage of the old, the tweet makes nevertheless hope. According to the further text, the Spellcrafting is still planned for the future of the game. Who knows, maybe you’ll get it as a new feature in the next 2018 expansion?

What do you think of the Spellcrafting message? Again just hot air to a feature that is really long dead? Or do you believe that Spell crafting actually come and if so, in which environment? Let us know in the comments.

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