POE 3.3.1 The Ancient Village of the Lush Hideout

A determined duelist had a quest of locating an ancient village, believed to be the very first roots of civilization, much older than Vaal culture… Sadly, the majority of the remainings getting flooded in water, our Duelist discovered out that a number of the ancient artifacts nevertheless include power. He then decided to keep there, turn the place into a village calling most skilled artisans and trustworthy exiles he know of, to be capable to unlock mysteries it hold.

Zana and Navali had been invited because together with our Duelist, they located The Ancient Village. Navali made Zana see a dream she developed and showed her location on the Ancient Village, and Zana mapped it. Collectively with our Duelist, they moved there to start turning that wilderness into a settlement. The more mysteries they uncovered, far more artisans that are Unique in their ability started to join them; Haku, Elreon, Vagan, Leo and Catarina.


Now Elreon mainly spends his days diving in to the lake, memorizing writings on runestones then writing them on scrolls. He has largely deciphered their language and nonetheless continues to perform on them.

Vagan, Haku and Tora are producing weapons and armor for the exiles which has lately began moving there for hopes of treasure. Our Duelist desires the folk to defend the village, mainly because as outlined by prophecies of Navali, a teribble assault will occur there by an army of undead and all the things there ought to be destroyed permanently.

There is an island inside the middle on the lake, exactly where most artifacts are buried and mainly because it’s magick appears as well effective for the living, Catarina, Master of  Dead was offered the activity to uncover it’s mysteries. Although nobody knows why she’s there, what’s her genuine objective and what mysteries she will unlock.

Zana is generating and promoting maps from the village as well as outdoors the village. Some settlers there talk about how Catarina offers energy to Zana to travel underground passages of your island and how Zana secretly draws map of those passages. Why are they hiding this in the rest of your folk, specifically their leader “The Duelist” is completely unknown at the moment…

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Catarina: https://ibb.co/d1Wm5z

Exiles Providing Food: https://ibb.co/gQbxCe

Ancient Graveyard: https://ibb.co/e2OYkz

My Hut: https://ibb.co/b7htkz

Leo: https://ibb.co/cEqeQz

Elreon: https://ibb.co/nzdcCe

Tora: https://ibb.co/fnSFyK

Haku and Vagan:https://ibb.co/b7KvyK

Waypoint: https://ibb.co/ihvqXe

Zana: https://ibb.co/eHRKQz

Vorici and Navali: https://ibb.co/iwiYkz

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