Wildstar Dungeons Guides

In Wildstar the first dungeon that you will be able to experience is at level 17 (that is when you can enter) but it will only appear in your dungeon list when you reach level 20.The first level 20 dungeon is called: Stormtalon’s Lair and it is located in an Exile zone called Galeras, south of the Thunder Call Village.


The second level 20 dungeon is called: The Ruins of Kel Voreth and it Is located in southeast corner of Auroria. Same restrictions apply as for the Stormtalon’s Lair, you must be level 17 to enter the dungeon but only if you are level 20 it will appear in the group finder interface.The developers have gifted us with two dungeons at this crude level because these dungeons will prepare us for what is to come. The mechanics of boss fights will teach us how to properly play Wildstar in a dungeon. The telegraphs the bosses use are not very complex at first but as bosses have more phases they will get more and more complex to prepare us for harder dungeons and eventually raids.

The next dungeon waits for us at level 35 and it is called Skullcano and it is located in the Whitevale. After that up to level 50 we won’t meet any other dungeon, but don’t despair because there are a lot of adventures to keep you busy on your way to 50.

The level 50 dungeon is called Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and it is a fairly complex dungeon with more bosses then you are used to and advanced combat mechanics and strategies to prepare you for the raids. Of course there will be more level 50 dungeons by the time you hit 50. Doing dungeons with friends from the game or even better, real life friends will kill the monotony of grinding to level 50, also adventures play a big role so be sure to check out what adventures are.

So the Wildstar Dungeons are:
A)Stormtalon’s Lair (level 20 dungeon)
B)The Ruins of Kel Voreth (level 20 dungeon)
C)Skullcano (level 35 dungeon)
D)Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (level 50 dungeon)

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