Runescape3 crystal trees of coaching the Woodcutting skill

When you require a hand discovering a crystal tree, seek out Wilfred north of Falador. Proper click any inactive crystal tree and select Look at to obtain a clue of where to locate the active one particular.Even though chopping the crystals, there is certainly a possibility which you will get a crystal geode. This is quite considerably like a birds’ nest, and it can contain worthwhile gems, and even a crystal triskelion piece. If you’ve completed the Roving Elves quest, there’s also a chance that they’ll yield a a crystal seed.


You could seek out the trees at seven areas. A crystal tree is deemed active when crystal formations surround it, and it really is these formations at level 94 Woodcutting hich can be chopped for a few of the best Woodcutting XP in the game.

Only one particular tree is active at a time, remaining that way for any set time ahead of one more becomes active in its stead. To discover it, head to a recognized crystal tree place and if it’s not active suitable click and pick appear at for a clue.

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When elder trees are fantastic for gathering beneficial logs, crystal trees are all about coaching the Woodcutting skill. Much like ivy, they yield no sources, but supply an outstanding Woodcutting XP price.