Runescape3 Presumed Member Death Quest Guide

Firstly, you must be a member. Additionally, A skill of your choice above 72 (Attack, Ranged or Magic), 75 Constitution and 75 Thieving are also required to enjoy this fabulous quest. In the following part, the detailed quest of Missing, Presumed Death will be introduced to you.


As for the Ranged, free members may feel troubled. Because arrow is not free, and the sling is not powerful, it cannot cause much damage. Therefore, this skill is not profitable at all. Then how? I will share you a useful tip. You need a bow (shortbow will be perfect), some iron arrows (about 50) and plenty of food (food of low level is OK). After these materials are ready, go to the stronghold of security in Barbarian Village to find Minotaur of level 12. Choose the server in which many players are fighting the Minotaur. The rate of falling iron arrow from this monster is 20%-30%, 6-20 arrows will fall off one time. Pick up these arrows while you are attacking the monster, you will be amazed to find that over 1000 iron arrows will be gained within one hour. Note, to use this tip, Ranged level above 1 is a must. Besides, if the CD is low, you’d better use Defense more, or it is easy to be killed.

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There are many methods for you to level up the Attack, the simplest of which is to use cash to buy Squeal of Fortune. Then, attach all the 5 lamps you get to the Attack. In addition to this, maximize the Output to attack the monsters with the most constitution. In this case, you can not only level up your Attack to the most, but also you can increase the Constitution correspondingly. I also recommend you to kill the Hill Giant in Varrock. The reasons are as followed. At first, the Defense is low. If you fight the monsters with high Defense, it is hard to cause damage. Secondly, the Constitution is not high. Thirdly, if you choose to use arrow or magic, you can attack it behind the pillar. Finally, the items fallen down are 100% Bones, free members can use it to train the Prayer.