RuneScape the wishing well fruit works

In the second category, you’ll find such wonders of nature as fly traps, which grant Thieving XP if you can snatch out their fruit with your fingers intact. There are barberry bushes too, which action Agility XP to the active naturalist.


Battle-botanists among you (we know you’re out there) will enjoy the al fresco training offered by harvesting sunchoke tubers and prickly pears, which grant Strength and Defence XP respectively.

Note that the amount of non-Farming skill XP given by harvesting these plants is relative to your current level in the relevant skill.

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It’s a glorious springtime for high-level farmers, as today sees the release of ten new plants to grow, along with new produce and cross-skill training opportunities. With Farming accomplishment requirements alignment from 76 to 96, and authoritative use of some of the lesser-used plots, they’re blooming accessible for high-level training.