Monopoly GO FAQ

With Monopoly GO being so popular, there is a lot of misinformation floating around. Let us dispel some of it for you.

Is Monopoly Go free to play?

Yes, Monopoly Go is free to download and play. However, it follows a freemium model, allowing you to acquire optional in-game items such as dice, sticker packs, and promotional packs using real money. These purchases are entirely optional and do not impede your ability to enjoy the core gameplay.

Can I Play Monopoly Go With Friends?

You can sort of play Monopoly Go with your friends, but it isn’t the traditional Monopoly experience. You can’t take turns rolling while stomping around a map and grabbing properties. Instead, you can link your account to a friend’s account and then, when you attack other players, your friends will be among your targets.

Can I play Monopoly Go offline?

Monopoly Go necessitates an internet connection for gameplay and does not feature an offline mode. This means that to engage in the Monopoly Go game, you require either a Wi-Fi connection or active mobile data.

Can I Buy Monopoly Go Stickers?

The answer is Yes. Although there are many ways to earn stickers in the game, you can still choose to purchase them from a sticker store. This is the fastest way to get stickers and will save you more time to enjoy the game. We recommend you buy Monopoly Go Stickers from U4gm, which is not only 100% safe but also offers the fastest delivery.

What Are Peg-E Tokens?

Peg-E tokens are given during a specific Peg-E event. You can use them to play a pachinko-style game. There is no real skill involved in this game; it is completely randomized where the tokens will fall. In addition, the event that used Peg-E Tokens is not permanent. It comes and goes. If you log on to the game, and the Peg-E event isn’t active, then you’ll simply have to wait for the next go-around. There are a number of events like this and they are always cycling in and out.

What Are Monopoly Go Pickaxes?

When a “Treasures” event is on, you will be able to acquire pickaxes by completing challenges, and rolling dice. These events come and go, and are always a limited-time thing. The event itself is one of the more skill-based minigames present in the game. Using your pickaxes smartly by taking the size of the artifacts you are looking to dig into consideration is the key to success.

How Do I “Make” Dice Links?

You won’t be “making” or “creating” any dice links. Those are given out by the developers themselves. Some sites seem to refer to connecting to friends as “creating dice links”. The process here is relatively simple:

  • Select the “friends” tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Press the “Invite Friends” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Either select a friend using the blue Facebook invite button, or you can create an invitation link by pressing the orange invite button.
  • Once the friend you invited accepts, you will be able to claim 100 dice rolls

Are Third-Party Sites A Safe Way To Get Extra Dice?

Lots of the third-party software being advertised is not safe. Deep down in your heart, you know this. They promise infinite dice rolls, but what they are actually going to do is cause you pain and suffering.

If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below. We do our best to answer your questions.