New weapons released in COD MW3 and their real names

Although the campaign of MW3 is relatively short, some new guns have been released in the game. Players can obtain them by completing some public combat missions. This article will introduce these new weapons and their real names in detail.

Precious Cargo

  • There are 21 weapons and items to discover, but let’s go over the most important ones.
  • The KVD enforcer and the RG80 launcher are the two most interesting weapons you’ll be able to loot, and they will both be in multiplayer when the full game comes out on Friday.
  • The KVD enforcer sniper rifle is a brand new sniper rifle for Modern Warfare 3, and it’s semi-automatic.
  • The rg80 is a 6-round grenade launcher, very similar to the one launcher we had in Advanced Warfare.
  • The KVD enforcer will be on this ship, and the rg80 will be at this weapon crate on the map.

The camouflage on these weapons can be polished through the cod mw3 bot lobby.


  • The new Sidewinder assault rifle comes with a hybrid site and only has 20 rounds, but it hits hard.
  • The minigun is also available in this mission.
  • The Sidewinder assault rifle is a lot of fun and is usable in multiplayer.
  • The minigun is likely just the Jugger, not the minigun, so it probably will not be usable in multiplayer.
  • The Sidewinder assault rifle is found in a weapon box at the back of the building.

The actual name for every weapon in MW3


  • SVA 545 (real name: AN-94)
  • MTZ-556 (real name: CZ805 Bren)
  • Holger-556 (real name: H&K G36)
  • MCW (real name: Bushmaster ACR)
  • DG-58 (real name: QBZ-97)
  • FR 5.56 (real name: Famas F1)


  • BAS-B (real name: Sig MCX Spear)
  • SIDEWINDER (real name: ACR .450)
  • MTZ-762 (real name: CZ Bren 2)


  • Striker (real name: H&K UMP45)
  • WSP Swarm (real name: Micro Uzi Pro)
  • AMR9 (real name: Colt SMG 9mm)
  • WSP 9 (real name: Uzi)
  • Rival-9 (real name: CZ Scorpion Evo)
  • Striker 9 (real name: LAWRC SMG 9mm hybrid)


  • Lockwood 680 (real name: Remington 870 MCS)
  • HAYMAKER (real name: Fostech Origin-12)
  • Riveter (real name: ATI Omni Hybrid AR410)


  • Pulemyot 762 (real name: PKP Pecheneg)
  • DG-58 LSW (real name: Norinco QJB-95 LSW)
  • Holger 26 (real name: H&K MG36)
  • BRUEN MK9 (real name: FN minimi)
  • TAQ ERADICATOR (real name: FN HAMR)

Snipers & Marksman Rifles:

  • KVD Enforcer (real name: Chukavin SVCh)
  • MCW 6.8 (real name: ACR 6.8mm)
  • DM56 (real name: H&K SL8)
  • MTZ Interceptor (real name: CZ Bren 2 PPS)
  • KATT-AMR (real name: Steyr HS .50-M1)
  • LONGBOW (real name: AK-224)
  • KV Inhibitor (real name: Kalashnikov SVCh-338)


  • COR-45 (real name: Glock 21 chambered in 45 auto)
  • Renetti (real name: Beretta 93R)
  • TYR (real name: RSh-12 revolver)
  • WSP STINGER (real name: Micro Uzi)


  • RGL-80 (real name: Milkor AV-140 MSGL)

The open combat missions in MW3 offer more than just a short campaign, and by exploring these missions, you can find new weapons and items not found in the main campaign or even multiplayer. Players who want to learn about and obtain more new weapons must explore these missions.

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