Why the weapons excessive level of elaboration in Escape from Tarkov?

Why the weapons excessive level of elaboration in Escape from Tarkov

Jonathan Ferguson of the Royal Armories was impressed by the game from the Russian developers.

Escape from Tarkov Weapons

Escape from Tarkov is often referred to as one of the most realistic shooters on the market and has a large following of fans around the world. Among the pluses, they note the well-developed equipment – now there are more than 80 types of small arms in it, including various modifications.

To disassemble the weapons from the game, the GameSpot edition invited Jonathan Ferguson from the Royal Armories. He compared samples from Escape from Tarkov with real equipment, and we chose the main thing from the material. We previously posted a text from this series about weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Jonathan Ferguson appreciated the appearance of the Makarov Pistol: in his opinion, the developers from Battlestate Games conveyed all the smallest details of this weapon. In addition, he really liked the sound of the PM firing in the game.

Jonathan also appreciated the weapon check animations. Everything is done very reliably: the player checks the magazine before firing and unlocks the shutter. Moreover, during the last action, you can see the cartridge inside the pistol – not all games have this detail.

In addition, he noticed that under different conditions of shooting and lighting, the flash may change when fired.

According to him, Escape from Tarkov is the first game where this aspect of shooting is accurately conveyed.

Submachine guns and assault rifles
Jonathan then moved on to the Belgian P90 submachine gun. He noted that the sample from the game is fully consistent with real weapons: the developers correctly conveyed the sound of shooting and recoil.

He also really liked the silent automatic machine AS Val. Jonathan noticed that the developers took into account the real firepower of this weapon: compared to other assault rifles, the Val does not do much damage.

And the AK-101, in his opinion, is not so well made in the game. Ferguson praised the developers for the excellent model of the assault rifle, but he did not like the recoil: he said that in reality, this weapon does not bring up very much when firing – the AK-101’s flash suppressor was created taking into account the reduction in recoil.

Jonathan also criticized the AKMS with the PKK drum magazine. He liked the very model of the machine gun, but he noticed a big inaccuracy in the animation.

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The fact is that for some reason the butt of the assault rifle passes through the drum magazine – in reality, it would be stuck there. The expert admitted that this is a game convention, and in the future, the developers will make a new animation for the butt.

He also didn’t like how the developers showed the firepower of the AR-15. In the game, several hits from this machine do not cause much damage to opponents, although, in reality, they would have died. But otherwise, everything was done reliably.

From submachine guns, the expert noted the classic MP-5. According to him, the model was made with the smallest attention to detail: when reloading, you can see the cartridges inside the store – in other games, this is not.

Rifles and Shotguns
Then Jonathan proceeded to the SV-98 sniper rifle. The model in the game did not cause any complaints from him. In addition, he praised the developers of Escape from Tarkov for the reliable firepower of this weapon. When hit from the SV-98, opponents immediately fall to the ground – in reality, it would be the same.

At the same time, Jonathan was surprised by the presence of the TOZ-106 shotgun in the game. According to him, this is a weapon for civilians, and in combat, it is not as effective as other shotguns. But the expert noted that TOZ-106 looks appropriate in the Escape from Tarkov setting: the developers have made an excellent model of this shotgun. They also took into account the firepower. TOZ-106 has 20 caliber cartridges, which are not as effective as compared to 12 caliber cartridges, so this shotgun is inferior to other models in the game.

Jonathan also liked the KS-23 shotgun. According to him, the developers reliably conveyed the firepower of the shotgun at long range: usually in games this weapon is effective only at close range, but in Escape from Tarkov they can kill the enemy in any conditions.

At the end of the video, Jonathan Ferguson stated that the developers of Escape from Tarkov did an excellent job with the weapons in the game.