Forza Horizon 4’s latest car paint

Forza Horizon 4 is not only exciting, but also a lot of things for players to entertain. Although it is recreational, it takes a lot of time and effort to complete, and it is not something that every player can do. Making beautiful graphics for your favorite car is one of the higher thresholds.

Although the requirements of this work are relatively high, among the many FH 4 players, there are always some players who are very good at this work. In order to enhance the communication between players, the community will evaluate the players’ creations every once in a while. And choose the best work.

Start in this issue of “Forza Week in Review” in a pure and happy way. There are always a lot of things going on in almost all WIR stories. But during my time at Forza, I thought I had never seen anything like this: a miniature masterpiece of action, including Forza uniform tools and the creators of PTG FOX.

Best skill video

One and a half months of work, there are 656 screenshots on the Xbox, and there are about 43,000 layers in the production tool… He also wrote and played music! Congratulations to PTG FOX for participating in the new Forza Community Classic!

Similarly, there are many players in the community who like to draw graphics for cars. They can create many very good works in their minds, but they are only in their minds. They are not able to implement them. This is because of this work. Not only requires a lot of patience, but also requires you to have a certain art foundation, but in fact not everyone has such a talent. But don’t worry, we still have an auction house. If you have a car you are looking for, you can use forza horizon 4 race credits directly, which can save a lot of time compared to working on your own.