Mu Legend Questions And Official Answers Were Revealed

In summer of 2017, Mu Legend, the global open beta testing of the game will start. With the start of the MBT, gamers around the world will be able to participate in the project and explore the world of Mu Legend. Today, U4GM mainly collect some common questions from experienced gamers, and the developer of the game made relevant response. More relevant questions need to be answered, and you can visit here.

Mu Legend

Question: Is Mu Legend a continuation of Mu Online or is it a completely different game?
Answer: Mu Legend is not Mu Online, it’s a new game – heir to Mu Online.

Question: Will the Dark Lord cloak in the future as in Mu Online?
Answer: No, there will not be a cloak for the Dark Lord, but there will be cloaks of guilds available for all classes.

Question: What is your favorite class in Mu Legend?
Answer: I’ve been playing for different classes for a very long time, but my favorite class is Blader.

Question: Can you tell us about the system of pets in Mu Legend?
Answer: At the moment, pets in Mu Legend are buffers. So far, we do not plan to develop pets that are capable of attacking monsters. As we move forward, we will have the opportunity to develop those, if there are appropriate feedback from the players.

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