Mu Legend Is The Most Addicting Game You Will Ever Play

Mu Legend, This is the most addicting game you will ever play. U4GM are focus in all related to games, if you want to find any gameplay or information about Mu Legend, here you can find them: Mu Legend is also the most refined closed beta, nearly all gamers were to use one word to describe overall gaming experience it would be: Fun.


The overall feel of the game is very good, the graphics, combat, item drops, character progression, class skills, dailies, rifts and monsters — it all flows and comes together very well. The UI is smooth, the music is surprisingly good and the boss fights are interactive and fun but not overwhelming. Leveling is also enjoyable, and the ability to lay out different skill setups is also a very good thing.

After long years of development, Webzen is excited and pleased to finally bring the CBT to players outside of Korea, reaching a new milestone in the long history of MU. A new trailer has been released to celebrate the launch of the beta, providing players with an introduction to MU Legend. Players can learn about the world, classes and content that they can enjoy once they download and play the game.

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