Albion Online Deliver A Clear Visual On The After Galahad

Because an encrypted report brings a light and a rather effective reading on a balance sheet, the developers of Albion Online deliver us a clear and humorous visual on the after Galahad!

On March 13, Sandbox Interactive delivered its biggest update so far, called Galahad, which has made many changes, improvements, and new content. Lately the developers have brought us a look at their future work leads, and now they offer us the opportunity to see in figures all that has been accomplished so far after the update.

Remember that the server is global so all these figures concern the entire Albion Online community of all countries.

This ranges from the number of founders on the game to the number of (so cute) rabbits killed. Let’s see what the numbers give after a month of intense play after the Wipe upgrade.

We can see at a glance that no less than 212,815 Founders have / will contribute to the evolution of Albion Online, who have played since Galahad the equivalent of 320 years!


This confirms that the game has rather good hours in front of him as for his community and the fact that he is able to make valuable returns for the developers. All these founders bring each hour of play their stone to the building and allow to make the time of the beta adjustments necessary to the overall balance of the game.

Economically, but also so that everyone can find themselves, players Solo as guilds, breeders as warriors.

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