RS3 is world’s largest free MMORPG

With 12 years under its cloak and counting, and over 200 million players clicking into its medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, RuneScape is officially the world’s largest free MMORPG. Graphically RuneScape has long lagged behind other major MMORPGs, but the new versions will even the score, putting it almost on par with the likes of World of Warcraft. Improved visuals and draw distance promise the most immersive questing yet.


Jagex announced RuneScape 3 would emerge with huge graphical overhaul, and gamers are able to have the first completed version since the black screen problem was solved. “RuneScape 3 is the biggest change we have ever made to RuneScape.” Mark Ogilvie, the game’s design director cited. A host of changes are undergoing for RuneScape’s hitting the browser MMO’s world. One the most striking of these is undoubtedly the game’s new look; since inception RuneScape has been implemented in browsers using Java, but once RuneScape 3 lands this’ll be changed to HTML5, resulting in a very different RuneScape experience. Loading time is to be reduced, improvement should be made for gameplay focused on a popular quality of life request from gamers, user interface get customizable. Meanwhile, Jagex is keen for the community to drive changes in RuneScape 3 like they always do.

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Furthermore, Jagex is working to bring RuneScape to tablets by the end of the year, with Smart TV and console versions also being considered. RuneScape is consistently hailed as one of the most immersive free MMOs available on the web that anyone is able to pick up and play. Jagex is proceeding another decade accompanying grateful players of RuneScape. Jagex have stuck to a grueling weekly update schedule for close to the entirety of RuneScape’s life, adding new quests, minigames and building on the story of the world of Gielinor. “I want to see that taken to the next level where the players feel like they’re not just passengers in how the game evolves; they’re actually directing how the game evolves.” Ogilvie said.