Albion Online Different Types Of Weapons And Armor

The development of Albion was closely watched, eventually, for the ambitious sandbox gameplay, and it’s release date has been confirmed and is closer and closer approaching. July 17th, and I bet that you can’t control your excitement. In accordance to previous statements by the developers, it’s pleasing to that after a long beta period, the game development is coming to an end. Now that you can prepare to buy cheap albion oline gold at u4gm.


From the game was originally announced to now, and it undergone a series of changes, on the whole, a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world is coming, and along with a player-driven economy. It’s worth mentioning that all equipment items are player-crafted, and which is a unique classless system.

The game allow gamers to design their own style of play, and different types of weapons and armor can be combined to create unique fighting styles. It’s means that there are no restrictions. For instance, mages can wear heavy armor or two-handed warriors can use light armor or even mix and match. Some gamers are keeping a closer eye on official website:

In the game, and abilities have also been reworked, what’s more, each weapon as well as piece of armor will have a unque characteristic. The development team deem that changes to the Albion Online combat system has vastly improved the gameplay experience as well as will allow players to fill any niche role that they want.