A simpler way to enjoy the specialties FIFA15


FIFA 15s excitement may have worn down. Its getting cold across the nation and it seems that gamers are not interested in playing as much soccer as they used to. However, there is now an even easier way to enjoy features of the game.

A Windows Phone application is available. This is a companion app to the game and allows gamers to manage their Ultimate Team when they cannot be at their home consoles.

This free app works in companion to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. It only requires gamers to obtain an Origin account. Origin accounts are free and easy to setup.

EA Sports FIFA 15 is still the go-to simulator when it comes to football (soccer). Its competitor Pro Evolution Soccer has not been able to get anywhere near the success that FIFA enjoys.

Pro Evolution Soccer concentrates on the strategy and basics of soccer; FIFA is a pick-up-and-go game. Its very easy to score in FIFA because EA Sports wanted it to be fun for everyone.

More gamers and even professional soccer players are heading over to FIFA every year.It may be the more fun game, but certainly not the most realistic soccer simulator out there.

Recently a Hannover 96 player, Jimmy Briand, used FIFA 15 to craft his perfect first goal celebration. He decided to do the Dead Fish. He first did it in FIFA before scoring his first goal in Bundesliga. He then actually did the Dead Fish celebration in real life.

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