List of FIFA 15 PC Supported Gamepad Controllers

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If you are using a gamepad as your primary control device and like playing games on pc, OK, you can paly fifa 15 on pc now, which is the most popular game in this year, and within the FIFA 15 launcher application you can select the gamepad that has button icons that most closely represent the gamepad that you use.


Alternatively, if you want to use ‘Keyboard & Mouse’ or ‘Keyboard Only’ as your control device, make sure that on the PRESS START or SPACE screen that you press SPACE. This will set your default control device to being Keyboard & Mouse. Once in game you can customize your game experience in CUSTOMISE -> SETTINGS -> CONTROLS.


List of FIFA 15 PC supported gamepad controllersThe following gamepads and controllers are compatible with EA Sports FIFA 15 on PC (Windows) – However, you might need to do some adjustments in controller setting and/or FIFA 15 setting: 



– Hama Black Steel Gamepad

– Hama Double Action Air Grip Controller

– Hama Flashlight Blue Gamepad


– Logitech Gamepad F310

– Logitech Gamepad F510

– Logitech Chillstream

– Logitech Cordless RumblePad

– Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

– Logitech Dual Action Gamepad

– Logitech RumblePad

– Logitech Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback

– Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710



– Microsoft Xbox 360

– Microsoft Xbox One



– MadCatz Xbox 360 Gamepad



– Saitek P2500 Rumble Pad

– Saitek P2600 Rumble Pad

– Saitek P2900 Wireless Pad

– Saitek P3000 Wireless Pad and Docking Station

– Saitek P3200 Rumble Pad

– Saitek P3600 Cyborg Rumble Pad

– Saitek P880 Dual Analog Pad

– Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad



– Speedlink 360 Style Gamepad

– Speedlink Devolution Pad Wireless

– Speedlink Strike2 Gamepad

– Speedlink Thunderstrike Gamepad



– Thrustmaster 360Modena UPAD Force

– Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Rumble Force

– Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force

– Thrustmaster Dual Trigger Wireless Gamepad

– Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 2

– Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 3

– Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 3

– Thrustmaster FireStorm Wireless Gamepad

– Thrustmaster Run N Drive Rumble Force

– Thrustmaster Run N Drive Wireless Rumble Force

– Thrustmaster T-Wireless 3-in-1 Rumble Force

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FFXIV ARR Mining Leveling Guide

Before you begin…

For those who haven’t even unlocked the mining class: The Miners Guild is in Ul’dah.

Make sure you know all about gaining EXP most efficiently. We have a gathering General Leveling Guide for this. Key points are: Choosing the right leve quests (Ones with evaluation can potentially give insane EXP), Keeping key pieces of gear up to date (For getting maximum EXP per node), and making the most out of every node (Using skills properly).

AA 74 FFXIV ARR Mining Leveling Guide

Then looking for specific items.

Mining Class Quest Items

Miner 1: Copper Ore 10
Miner 5: Bone Chip 50
Miner 10: Obisidan 99
Miner 15: Cinnabar (HQ) 15
Miner 20: Grade 1 Carbonized Matter 99
Miner 25: Effervescent Water (HQ) 15
Miner 30: Wyvern Obsidian (HQ) 15
Miner 35: Raw Amethyst (HQ) 20
Miner 40: Jade (HQ) 20
Miner 45: Electrum Ore (HQ) 20
Miner 50: Darksteel Ore 3

Mining Level 1-5

Mining Quest Level 1: 10 Copper Ore
Mining Quest Level 5: 50 Bone Chips
Level 1 Mining Levequests: 
Ul’dah Adventurers Guild & Scorpions Crossing.
Level 5 Mining Levequests: Ul’dah Adventurers Guild & Scorpions Crossing.

Where to find Bone Chips? You can complete both of these quests in one go, to save time.  So make sure you have both sets of items ready before you return to Adelberta (10 Copper Ores, and 50 Bone Chips). If you’re lazy you can also buy this from tradecraft merchant NPC’s (not recommended)

Level 5 Node Locations Unlocked: Central Thanalan (Four Sisters, Stonesthrow) Western Thanalan (Gate of the Sultana)

Mining Level 6-10

Mining Quest Level 10: 99 Obsidian
Level 5 Mining Levequests:
 Ul’dah Adventurers Guild & Scorpions Crossing.
Level 10 Mining Levequests: 
Western Thanalan Horizon.

Where to find Obsidian? Yup, 99 Obsidian. Get used to this. You can find Obsidian in Western Thanalan (The East Hammer). Again, you can buy this fron NPC’s but I wouldn’t advise it.

Level 10 Node Locations Unlocked: Western Thanalan (The East Hammer), Central Thanalan (Royal Allagan Starway)
Lower La Noscea (Cedarwood)

Mining Level 11-15

Mining Quest Level 15: 10 High Quality Cinnabar
Level 10 Mining Levequests:
 Western Thanalan, Horizon.
Level 15 Mining Levequests: 
Eastern ThanalanCamp Drybone.

Where to find Cinnabar? The HQ Cinnabar shouldn’t be hard to get. They’re found in Western Thanalan (Horizon). Remember to use the skill you just unlocked Unearth, which increases HQ gathering chances.

Level 15 Node Locations Unlocked: Western Thanalan (Copperbell Mines, Horizon), Central Thanalan (“Western Thanalan” Exit)

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FIFA 15 Advanced Tips for Take Corner Kicks the FIFA 15 Way

8863aaf08c915373d0137a2ccc65dba0 FIFA 15 Advanced Tips for Take Corner Kicks the FIFA 15 Way

Corner Kicks grew stale over the years. For as long as we can remember, you had two options for attacking with a corner kick. Either slow roll pass it to another player on your side and try to wiggle in for a shot on goal, or high/low cross it into the box for a nice one timer. Well, we’re happy to say EA Sports finally put a stop to this in FIFA 15, sort of.

You basically have the same options with a twist. When you line up to take the corner, you can press Down on the D-pad to bring up a tactics list for your shot. At that point, by either pressing Up, Down, Left or Right again on the D-pad, you can choose to have your players set up for different plays. You could have them run near or far post, take a top of the box stance or crowd the keeper for a chance to get an unblocked kick.

We suggest never kicking the ball without using this tactic. You wouldn’t go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and just get a salad, would you? Use the options they give you. Your chance of scoring increases greatly if you run a specific tactic and kick accordingly. Simply kicking the ball into a pool of would-be receivers up against the new ultra smart goalie A.I isn’t the best idea.

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Guide to Improve Shooting Skills on FIFA 15

We all know the player AI is a great improvement in FIFA 15. At the same time, player computer controlling is much better than before, leaving the hot topic about how to shoot to our players. There are some tips below for players which we hope can help you.

1409021301 Fifa 14 screenshot Guide to Improve Shooting Skills on FIFA 15 

Fifa 15 shot skill is mainly classified into five major categories including common shots, long shots, lob shot, skill shot as well as fake shot.Common skill is quite basic operation and can be done by holding the shot button directly. The longer you hold the key, the greater the ball moves.
Long shot’s method has much in common with shooting, just shooting area being outside the box. The farther from the goal the ball is, the higher the strength it requests. What’s more, it is important to master the virtual lever angle on the lower-left corner before a shot.

Lob shot is the chance created by the goalkeeper who saves the ball and the ball will cross the goalkeeper flying into the net. Never use a lob shot unless the goalkeeper intends to save the ball. It is very simple as release the virtual joystick on the left hand when shooting. Use right hand to hold the shot key and slide upwards.Skill shot means holding the passing key in the penalty area and slide your finger up. It has a little strength, but the angle is crafty.

Fake shot is created by holding the shot key and sliding your finger downward in the penalty area. This technique is mainly used in the situation either that the goalkeeper tries to save the ball or that our attacking players are close to the goalkeeper. It can easily let the goalkeeper out of position and shoot the ball simply.Of course, practice makes perfect so we need to apply the tips referred to as much as possible to experience more fun in the game.

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Is It Worthy of Spending FIFA 15 Coins on IMOTA Pepe

Laveran Lima Ferreira, ordinarily known as Pepe, was given red card by his match with Germany. Group of Portugal played truly crudely in that match, losing Germany four objectives subsequently. While more players are rebuking for Pepe’s hot temper, now comes the news that his IMOTA is discharged. Will you use your fifa 15 coins on him with a danger of everything being spoiled by his temper?


1408158277 FIFA14 Gen4 Products Feature7 Athlete UK Is It Worthy of Spending FIFA 15 Coins on IMOTA Pepe

Is it accurate to say that it is deserving of using your fifa 15 coins on Pepe?

To be fair, it appeared the first occasion when that Pepe got a red card in around 2 years. From these, its one-sided for him if all individuals had a tendency at fault for his activity.looked like Muller gonna beat him senseless when he got up after Pepe knock heads with him’, said one fan. It’s a generally objective thought. Nonetheless, regardless of what is charged for him, no an ache is as a prick done all in all group’s misfortune. He has tasted the products of the soil he procured.

What ought to Pepe change critically in future?

No big surprise that Pepe is an eminent expert football player, on the other hand, to verify he can proceed onward more remote in this course, the most critical thing for him is to keep in control. Pepe ought to be in control of his own activities.
Indeed, however this time, Pepe was given red card and was banned to play in diversion. Some contended that he was innocent. At the point when Pepe did swoop and grasp his face which was somewhat despicable, it leaves judge no decision however to boycott Pepe immediately. All needs to win the match, yet in the event that there’s no thought to wellbeing whatsoever, it would not be a match any more.

All things considerer’s, in any case it satisfying to see that Pepe’s IMOTA being discharged. In the event that you think its still excessively extreme for Pepe to remain calm, and you would prefer not to use your fifa 15 coins on him, you can concentrate on different players. On the other hand, in the event that you accept as a become grown-up, Pepe will later give you enormous, so why not exchange him in your group at this time? Modest fifa 15 coins could be found at Good fortune !

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Fast Leveling Guide for ArcheAge Players

There are many ways to leveling in ArcheAge, such as do quest, planting, trading, mining and so on. No matter which way you choose, you have to know the leveling quests, weapon, equipment, guild, etc.

Leveling Quests
ArcheAge unlike any games you played, please have a right attitude. Doing the ArcheAge quests is the fastest way to leveling, please completed each quest.

1. Read the tips of quest carefully, some particular quests are triggered in daylight and evening.
2. It is the most efficient to kill the strong mobs with your group.
3. Note the tips of small map, the marked on the map with the numbers of quests is the corresponding.
4. Skip the quest can not be completed in a short time.
5. For the quest in dungeons and elite monster, it is a waste of time for them and very difficult for beginners, please skip and do another quest. Recommended you do these quests after you have level 50.
6. Do the best find a 3-5 players to leveling with the same quests, it is the most fastest that do quests together.

Equipment and Weapon
You will get the equipment from quest in the leveling process, these equipment make you leveling enough. Note, do not throw your replacement equipment, please go to Blacksmith merchant to buy Evenstones to break down equipment into magical components that come in very handy for crafters.

You will face the battlefield map after you level 30, the quests are same with enemy, fight at any time and maybe you will meet the full level player, please avoid it before you level 50.

AA 74 Fast Leveling Guide for ArcheAge Players

For this close beta, you need know without a good land for housing basically, and for weaponry and equipment crafting, high level player has a high craft level and need you much ArcheAge Gold. So recommended you try to planting, feeding, mining and trading. Learning a crafting and do not worry about the gold in ArcheAge. Do not try to learn Alchemy, Leatherworking and weaponry, these crafting need help with your friends in this closed beta event, what’s more, need your the proficiency of crafting.

Choose a good guild is very important in the game, please find a friendly, enthusiastic and lovely guild, or choose a family with your good friends.

Classes and Skills
For classes, choose your like, such as melee or remote, tank, dps or heal. Do not add skill points casually. Make sure your class and skills, do not change your skills after level 30, or you will find very difficult to leveling, PK and doing quests. So, do not change your skills before your full level.

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How to choose your idea class in ArcheAge Online

How to choose class in the game always the important question for green hand. Different from other MMORPG, ArcheAge has the unique class system. There are more than 120 classes you can choose. To pick a ideal and powerful character would help us level up and farm gold fast and easy. Today, we are glad to introduce how to choose class in ArcheAge.

The combination of ArcheAge Class

Three Skill Sets create a class:
Skill set is the basic element to create class in ArcheAge, as for now, there are 10 Skill sets we can choose, such as, Battlerage, Sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism, Shadowplay, Defense, Auramancy, Witchcraft, Songcraft. After you arrived at level 5 or level 10 you can choose the second and third skill sets.

The Characteristic of 10 Skill Sets:

Battlerage: Attacking Skill Set, which has powerful melee damage, the necessary choice for Melee DPS.
Archery: Attacking Skill Set, which has powerful distance damage, the necessary choice for Distance DPS.
Sorcery: Attacking Skill Set, which has powerful magical distance damage, the necessary choice for DPS Mage
Shadowplay: Attacking assistance skill sets, which has control and explosion skill as well as can stealth
Occultism: Attacking assistance skill sets, which has damage, magic recovery passive skills.
Witchcraft: Attacking assistance skill sets, most of skills have debuff and control effective.
Songcraft: Auxiliary skill sets, which has Buff and regenerate life skills.
Auramancy: Auxiliary skill sets, it can match with any skill sets and the only one has teleport skill.
Vitalism: Auxiliary skill sets, it can match with any skill sets as well as increase viability sharply.
Defense: Defense skill sets, the necessary for MT and all skills prefer to enhancing armor and decrease damage from monsters.

The Level up of Archeage Class and Skill Sets

To upgrade Aarcheage class involved two aspect:
1. Character Level up (No matter which character you choose, you can acquire skill points through increasing level. When you arrived at level 50, you can totally get 23 skill points)
2. Skill Sets Level up (As long as you increase the skill level that you can learn advanced skills. To learn skill need 1 point)

1408004639 AA Skill How to choose your idea class in ArcheAge Online

To reset Skills

Same to other online game, you can reset your skill and choose the different skills sets through the NPC. Of course, you should pay for some Archeage Gold. After you chose the new skill sets, you can experience the different class again. If you have enough time to level up 10 Archeage Skill sets, you would the all-around player!

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fifa 15 images

FIFA 15:Capable & Potentically Youngster-Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku was surrounded with hype upon his arrival at Chelsea, but the then 18-year-old failed to make much of an impact with limited chances, however two successful loan spells at West Brom and Everton, where he outscored every Chelsea player, have turned him into one of the leagues most prolific forwards.

1406519448 romelu lukaku fifa FIFA 15:Capable & Potentically Youngster Romelu Lukaku
Lukaku is the spearhead of a vibrant Belgian side littered with young talent, yet his ability has gone unnoticed by Chelsea, and if he’s to be an outcast of the London club, then there will be no shortage of takers. FIFA 14 is another guilty partner in ignoring the striker’s talent, a disappointing 77 overall was considerably less than many expected.

However, the combination of 90 strength, 84 shot power and 85 sprint speed makes for one deadly frontman in the FIFA community. Despite another fortunate season in front of goal, FIFA 15 would be wise to control upgrades on Lukaku.

Ibrahimovic springs to mind when we think of strong, athletic strikers and FIFA are culpable for serious over-powering of the Swedes ability, and if Lukaku isn’t handled correctly, we could see a repeat of this problem. Nobody wants to feel hopeless when certain players get on the ball, but EA are certainly capable of making Lukaku just that guy in FIFA 15.

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fifa 15 images

Players will get a kick out of the sizzling carnival atmosphere fifa generates

1404205579 fifa product fifa14 gen3 Players will get a kick out of the sizzling carnival atmosphere fifa generates

In this year’s version, you can compete as any of the 203 teams in qualifying and work your way to earn a ticket to Brazil. This gives you an extended experience similar to a season-long game in any other sport.

If you want to help a small country qualify for its first World Cup, you have that ability to challenge yourself.

On the other hand, you can simply adjust the final version of 2015 World Cup to include a favorite team. Maybe you want to add Gareth Bale with Wales into the event, or Bob Bradley’s Egypt. You have the power to do whatever you want to make the game as exciting as possible.

The folks at EA Canada have already established themselves as the kings and queens of the digital football pitch. These games are the best of their kind and packed with a staggering number of modes, management options, skill competitions and more.

Where things get a little sticky is with the value proposition of a game like this. It’s a full-priced release coming out midway between annual entries in the FIFA series, but it doesn’t offer anything terribly innovative or radical in its gameplay.

Though few would argue that it hasn’t made considerable strides in most areas, the more authentic physics and animation make for a less immediately intuitive and responsive game of football. It does feel a little quicker than FIFA 15, if only in the speed of transitions between receiving the ball and advancing with it, while shots seem to travel at greater velocity – but for better and worse, those who’ve played this season’s game will instantly be in familiar territory.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil might feel like a step back to anyone coming from the next-gen versions of FIFA 15, but for those who haven’t yet upgraded, it represents an improvement on the annual release. Meanwhile, fans looking to cheer their team on this summer will get a kick out of the sizzling carnival atmosphere it generates.

To Buy Fifa Coins you can find from

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wildstar images

Wildstar Dungeons Guides

In Wildstar the first dungeon that you will be able to experience is at level 17 (that is when you can enter) but it will only appear in your dungeon list when you reach level 20.The first level 20 dungeon is called: Stormtalon’s Lair and it is located in an Exile zone called Galeras, south of the Thunder Call Village.

1403579941 cheap wildstargold Wildstar Dungeons Guides

The second level 20 dungeon is called: The Ruins of Kel Voreth and it Is located in southeast corner of Auroria. Same restrictions apply as for the Stormtalon’s Lair, you must be level 17 to enter the dungeon but only if you are level 20 it will appear in the group finder interface.The developers have gifted us with two dungeons at this crude level because these dungeons will prepare us for what is to come. The mechanics of boss fights will teach us how to properly play Wildstar in a dungeon. The telegraphs the bosses use are not very complex at first but as bosses have more phases they will get more and more complex to prepare us for harder dungeons and eventually raids.

The next dungeon waits for us at level 35 and it is called Skullcano and it is located in the Whitevale. After that up to level 50 we won’t meet any other dungeon, but don’t despair because there are a lot of adventures to keep you busy on your way to 50.

The level 50 dungeon is called Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and it is a fairly complex dungeon with more bosses then you are used to and advanced combat mechanics and strategies to prepare you for the raids. Of course there will be more level 50 dungeons by the time you hit 50. Doing dungeons with friends from the game or even better, real life friends will kill the monotony of grinding to level 50, also adventures play a big role so be sure to check out what adventures are.

So the Wildstar Dungeons are:
A)Stormtalon’s Lair (level 20 dungeon)
B)The Ruins of Kel Voreth (level 20 dungeon)
C)Skullcano (level 35 dungeon)
D)Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (level 50 dungeon)

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