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Madden NFL 18: Fans Always Have Something To Look Forward To

As sport games developer, EA is thinking of doing more online updates, fans always have something to look forward to, eager to check out and try the new graphics and game modes from this year’s installment of the game. Madden 18 is one of the gameplay that fans are looking forward to playing. Like other sport games such as FIFA, NBA, Madden 18 was widespread accepted throughout the world, even turned to be one of the most of popular sport gameplay.

Madden 18

Sport games would then be more of a story-based game. The updates may likely add more content to its single-player mode like “FIFA 18″s the journey or “Madden NFL 18″ Longshot mode. There are parts of the world where their sports games are not as popular everywhere else. This big change would benefit them from these areas, reducing their cost in putting up their games there while still giving newer updates to their loyal fans. At U4GM, you can check out all sport games updates and news, meanwhile, various coins like madden 18 coins is now being sold at this site.

In Madden 18, with an all new story mode, this is Madden like you’ve never seen it. This mode follows the career of fictional would-be quarterback Devin Wade. Unlike Madden 18′s Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to feel like an all-powerful football god who can make record-setting numbers of touchdowns per game, Longshot isn’t about winning. Madden 18′s development team, described the story mode as a movie you can play.

If fans had a choice, they probably would want to see new games every year rather than just updates. Obviously, this year’s Madden 18 have been brought a series of changes and improvements. “We do a lot in a FIFA game every year and a lot in a Madden game, and there’s a lot of code that we make available as part of the new iterations.” According to Wilson. What new features Madden 18 bring? Click here to know this game’s new features.

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Madden 18

Madden 18 Is Certainly A Fantastic Game For Lover Of American Football

Madden 18 football returns this August with a much needed new and improved frostbite engine. This new engine is a much needed improvement over the older Madden 17 engine which was powered by ignite. In Madden 18, the game have three separate game play modes, Arcade, Simulation, and competitive, we will offer more tips and strategy guides for all three modes, plus more tips than ever before.

Madden 18

Many Madden 18 players are enamored by the football. Anyway, Madden NFL 18 is certainly a fantastic game for lover of American Football. Even though the game may appear a tad bit difficult for newbies, it’s going to turnout to turn out to be an addictive game following you’ve got acquired the ideas and tricks of playing the Madden NFL 18.

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At U4GM, our goal is to help you win more football games. No matter what your favorite team in the league is, we have you covered. Click here to purchase madden 18 coins and madden mobile coins. There’s no worrying about any safety problems at ours website, at the same time, we are the leader in the industry when it comes to Madden 18 tips and strategy guides.

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Madden 18

Madden 18: This Year’s Version Is A Story Mode Known As Longshot

Madden 18 which drops on August 25, with new gameplay features that include three modes: arcade, competitive and simulation. In addition, EA Sports has now officially unveiled the Madden 18 soundtrack. At the same time, EA released several of the top player’s in Madden 18 along with their specific ratings and attributes, reference from here.

Madden 18

Madden 18 is the first game in the franchise powered by the Frostbite engine. EA claims that this game will help ensure that Madden 18 exhibits a significant visual leap forward in terms of how the players, crowds and stadiums look. Simulation setting is the authentic NFL experience.

New to this year’s version is a story mode known as Longshot, which follows Devin Wade, a quarterback from Mathis, Texas, as he tries to reach the NFL, and will include high school games and college games, as well as the NFL Scouting Combine. This is the game mode for players that are fans of football and want to play a game that’s true to that form.

The game also feature MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) mode, in which three players can combine rosters to create an online squad and make an impact on the game by selecting one of three roles: Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain, or Head Coach. Football video games have many play styles, if you like this game as well, for additional information you can read more at U4GM.

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Madden 18: The Best Players By Positions

The month of September is already falling, and with it comes the start of the regular season of the NFL. The most passionate players of the popular American sport will have already done with Madden NFL 18, the last installment of the sports simulator of EA Sports that, like every year, brings a new squad of players, with new ratings and with all the changes produced After the draft of the NFL and the preseason.

Of course, the Madden NFL 18 star is still the connected franchise mode, a career mode in which we can control all aspects of an NFL franchise of our choice, both in an offline league and with friends and people from all over the world. World in an online league. The first thing that many will do will be to reinforce your staff with new acquisitions, and in this helps to know which players are the average of Madden NFL 18. Therefore, and as a guide, we show you the best players by positions of Madden NFL 18 , From the most accurate Quarterbacks to the fastest Wide Receivers, or the most agile and intelligent Cornerbacks in the game.

The best players by positions of Madden NFL 18


1 Quarterbacks


Tom Brady, New England Patriots – 99
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – 98
Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons – 96
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints – 92
Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers – 91

2 Running Backs

Running Backs

Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers – 97
David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals – 94
LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills – 92
DeMarco Murray, Tennessee Titans – 91
Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys – 90

3 Fullbacks


Kyle Juszczyk, San Francisco 49ers – 91
James Develin, New England Patriots – 84
Patrick DiMarco, Buffalo Bills – 84
Aaron Ripkowski, Green Bay Packers – 83
Andy Janovich, Denver Broncos – 82

4 Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons – 98
Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers – 97
A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals – 94
Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants – 93
Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys – 91

5 Tight Ends

Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots – 98
Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs – 94
Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahwaks – 93
Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans – 93
Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers – 92

6 Offensive Linemen

Offensive Linemen

Marshal Yanda, Baltimore Ravens (RG) – 98
Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys (RG) – 95
Trent Williams, Washington Redskins (LT) – 95
Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys (LT) – 94
Travis Frederick, Dallas Cowboys (C) – 93


1 Defensive Tackles

Defensive Tackles

Ndamukong Suh, Miami Dolphins – 93
Geno Atkins, Cincinnati Bengals – 91
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles – 91
Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 90
Damon Harrison, New York Giants – 89

2 Defensive Ends

Defensive Ends

Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams – 99
J.J. Watt, Houston Texans – 98
Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles – 95
Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints – 92
Calais Campbell, Jacksonville Jaguars – 91

3 Middle Linebackers

Middle Linebackers

Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers – 98
Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks – 93
Dont’a Hightower, New England Patriots – 89
C.J. Mosley, Baltimore Ravens – 89
NaVorro Bowman, San Francisco 49ers – 88

4 Outside Linebackers

Outside Linebackers

Von Miller, Denver Broncos – 99
Khalil Mack, Oakland Raiders – 97
Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs – 93
Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys – 91
Chandler Jones, Arizona Cardinals – 88

5 Cornerbacks


Chris Harris Jr., Denver Broncos – 94
Aqib Talib, Denver Broncos – 94
Malcolm Butler, New England Patriots – 92
Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals – 91
Josh Norman, Washington Redskins – 90

6 Safeties


Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks – 95
Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs – 94
Earl Thomas III, Seattle Seahawks – 94
Harrison Smith, Minnesota Vikings – 93
Eric Weddle, Baltimore Ravens – 93

Kickers and Punters

Kickers and Punters

Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens (K) – 87
Johnny Hekker, Los Angeles Rams (P) – 86
Matt Bryant, Atlanta Falcons (K) – 85
Bryan Anger, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (P) – 85
Marquette King, Oakland Raiders (P) – 85

Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens (K) – 87
Johnny Hekker, Los Angeles Rams (P) – 86
Matt Bryant, Atlanta Falcons (K) – 85
Bryan Anger, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (P) – 85
Marquette King, Oakland Raiders (P) – 85

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