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What is St Patrick’s Day Trading in FIFA 15



St Patrick’s Day is highly popular amongst the FUT players due to the tournament that runs on that day. This tournament is attempted by many people including many famous YouTubers. This tournament requires the teams to be only players from Irish nationality. Of course, this only means one thing. Irish players are in high demand, very high demand. The prices that Irish players go up to are unbelievable and smart traders capitalise on this immediately and make some serious profit.

St Patrick’s Day is on the 17th of March each year, so mark this date down and start preparing well in advance because more people are getting aware of it. You should stock up on Irish players at least 2-3 weeks before the big day, as the demand will slowly continue to rise. You need to purchase quite a few cards to make a profit, so sell most of your unwanted items and start buying. If you have the money buy Irish In-Forms because I guarantee you will make tripe the profit. Make sure you are buying popular Irish players, because no one wants a shitty non-rare bronze defender. In fact, here are is list of players I personally recommend.

Strikers: Shane Long (recommended), Robbie Keane, Jonathan Walters, Anthony Stokes, Kevin Doyle.
Midfielders: Aiden McGeady (recommended), Stephen Ireland, James McCarthy, Darren Gibson, Wes Hoolahan
Defenders: Seamus Coleman (recommended), Ciaran Clark, Richard Keogh, John O’Shea, Richard Dunne
Goalkeepers: Shay Given (recommended), Keiren Westwood, Paddy Kenny, Stephen Henderson.

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Hazard’s Legends team are given away for lucky winner



FIFA 15 cover athlete and Chelsea star Eden Hazard has told us who would feature in his FIFA Ultimate Team Legends squad. It’s a side packed with quality and even a cheeky current Chelsea FC legend on the bench!

From now until 21 December,Hazard’s Legends team are given away to one lucky winner, plus other prizes. All you have to do is play one match against this squad of superstars on Xbox One or Xbox 360. Win, draw or lose – complete a match against Hazard’s XI and you’ll be entered into our sweepstake to win one of the following prizes:

1.Win Hazard’s full Legends squad (items will be untradeable)
2.A regular Hazard FUT item (tradeable)
3.Signed Hazard Chelsea shirt
4.Signed giant Hazard Teal item

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The preparation work for making lots of fifa coins

fifa 15tips

Eventually you find this article that explains how to gain lots of FIFA coins and become rich. You will be excited in reading this and know why there have been so many people with so many incredible teams. You might think there is a trick and it is impossible to get quite lots of great players.

Once it is almost what you are thinking, you will feel disappointed with this article. We are not going to show a bid secret about how you can become rich quickly. However, don’t delude. Here you will not find it, neither in other places. Each time somebody says that you could get all of the FIFA coins you need instantly, just realize that you are to be fooled.

The fact is that you will not be rich of FIFA coins without a lot of hard work. Forget those cheating methods the other people told you about. They’re just scam tactics which might make you poorer.

What will you need to become rich of FIFA ultimate team coins? It is a quite important question as once you couldn’t perform basic requirements, you will never be able to build dream team. Here are some things that are really indispensable.

Time is money. It is the same in FIFA ultimate team. You will need some free time to make use of some FIFA coins earning tactics. You will have more potential chances to make lots of FIFA coins if you have more time. Most people are looking for some magical methods to solve financial problems. Most of them didn’t get past as they are not disposed to hard work. You have to be patient. You will not be rich just in tomorrow or on following day. Most methods for earning FFIA coins will require you to have lots of patience. People who are rich of FIFA coins also began with almost nothing. Having good knowledge of FIFA ultimate team market is also important. Add the targets into watch list or use some database.

In most cases, the best method to make FIFA ultimate team coins is by trading. Use database, and watch list better, to know the prices the cards are normally sell for. If you didn’t have much time to trade, it will not be so easy to earn many FIFA coins. Just bet on the cards which are released with small amounts. Try to always sell even you just have little time. Adjust auction duration for such situation. Buy correspondent items to increase size of watch list, consumable pile and trade pile in EASFC catalogue. You should choose start price for auction due to the number of cards you already have, your principally and availability the study you’ve done on those cards you’ve sold. For better result, you should define BIN price that is higher than start price. There isn’t any better method as some might work well for others while not for you.Best wishes for you to make as much cheap fifa 15 coins as you want.

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Easy way to make FIFA 15 coins of several methods


Making FUT 15 Coins without Any Risk
Do you want to know the easy way of earning coins on FIFA 15 without any risk.Here we bring you several ways of making fifa 15 coins. Surely, different people own different techniques but I will share some best ways to make riches with you now.


The most essential factor of the technique is to find out the price the player you will trade. It’s different from keeping an eye on the market and finding out the price other gamers post the player for. The majority of the players posted fail to be bought probably. Why you should know the price that a player really sells for is that you may know the price you will purchase the players for so as to get a profit.


After you have selected the player you will trade and chosen the price you will buy at, you may come to the transfer market and buy a large number of the unique player. How much you are able to buy determines the profit you can get. You should remember to be disciplined and never struggle too much with bidding wars.


As long as you buy a large quantity of the unique player, you can then post them up a market for a short term. Since you will possess a huge share on the player you are able to charge a little more than the going rate, efficiently leveling up the going rate of the players.


The last but not the least, once you are price fixing, you can discard several players at a bit cheaper price so that people will think they are obtaining a bargain. Never be too much worried about the formations of player. It is obvious that famous formations will be sold easily. Whereas, many people won’t check the player formation so you can sell your players out finally. When a great game is coming, watch targeting the player who’s involved. Once they own a striker their price rise will be seen on the market.


We have succeeded in making a lot of coins with the above techniques. We hope these will help you to be successful in getting what you want. If these are not enough, you can search for much information on our website Various types of easy methods are available to make sure you get the wanted money and enjoy yourself in the game.

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Help you build a team and Serie A players FUT


Buy fifa 15 coins to get the best FUT Series A players.


Once buy fifa 15 coins online then you are going to build Italian League squad, our guide is what you should not miss. Check the review of best FUT Serie A players.


FIFA ultimate team is basically about building good squads. However, that is not so easy. First, you need to choose the formation you are going to be adapted with. And then you choose the players you are going to hire depending on the attributes which we thought important and how they could fit into your formation. Eventually, you need to make all things that are possible to gain high chemistry.


Most players started to define the type of squad they are to build to make the last step much easier. Some of them turn to get the players with same nationality while the others might choose to build a squad with the players come from a same league. Some experienced gamers could build a hybrid squad without prejudicing chemistry too often.


However, we might feel disorientated when we started to build squad. The article will help the people who are going to build FUT squad with Serie A players. The article is only guiding. It is about a vast theme that the player combinations would be mostly infinite in. Except that, you can find a lot of factors that affect the choices of players like the formation, playing style, preferred clubs, budget or the time could be spent to play of each one. There is also one uncertainty component: the player that is good for you might not be the one that good for another person. Once there is a particular best squad, everybody would want to try it. A part of the FUT joke is that: everyone has his own players and club.


The primary football competition if Italy is regarded as a great league in the world. Serie A started in the year 1929 and is disputed with 20 clubs. AC and Internazionale Milan won 18 times, and Juventus did this for 28 times.


By this large numbers of players in the league, it is natural that it’s a represented league on FIFA ultimate team squads. There might not be so many high quality players like Liga BBVA or Barclays PL, but you could build a decent squad that is based mainly on the Serie A with fewer FIFA 15 coins spent. As you see, there are many quality choices for you. However, having higher overall didn’t mean the players are better. It’s necessary to analyze the attributes.

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Make Millions of FIFA 15 Coins By the Last Minute Method

fifa 15  tips


Making FIFA coins is not as hard as you thought. One of the most used methods is the last minute method and it is also the easiest. Learn what you should do to make FIFA coins with this strategy and maximize your profit.

You are trying to take full advantage of many great opportunities in the auction’s last minute in this strategy. Once you have paid much attention to those auctions which are going to end and once you own good knowledge of the market of FIFA ultimate team, you are able to filter and then bid the best cards. This strategy works only when there are some cards auctioned at rather attractive prices and the auction remains only one minute. Yes, there will actually be.

For many times, price remains low till the end since many people are applying this strategy. They knew that once they bid too early before the auction ending, they will finally be overcome. That is the reason why they are waiting for the last minute to purchase the cards that they need.

There are 3 primary reasons why the sellers place these cards with the prices that are far below the real market value. First and commonly, they might not know the FIFA ultimate team market well. And they might set the prices by mistake or this is their selling strategy. The fact is that it has been proven that those low initial prices cards often end up with being sold for more FIFA coins. It always happens as they call much attention to the people who just start the contest, which exceed the amount they will offer by identical cards.

Many FIFA ultimate team gamers didn’t need articles to explain the way to make FIFA coins by this strategy. It is very intuitive that we just do as the matter of learn all of the methods to make FIFA ultimate team coins. To make use of this strategy, it is just to go to the auctions that are going to end and bid the cards which are undervalued. This strategy is almost opposite from the popular 59th minute method.

This strategy is virtually inexhaustible and simple to use. However, it works only when the people get deep knowledge about FIFA ultimate team market. The FIFA 15 coins profits would arise while often in some small doses. You’ll need to spend much time to gain FIFA coins in your interesting amounts. However, this strategy also has a disadvantage of the bid jacking danger. You have to be very careful to ensure that the prices you are going to bid are really the ones you want to pay.

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FIFA 15 TOTW Predictions – Week 11

De Gea – GK – 83 OVR
I feel somebody from the Arsenal vs United game will receive an IF and the only player that really deserves one is De Gea after he made several sublime save with 7 in total in Uniteds 2-1 win. The goal he conceded was a late Giroud stunner, 95th min to be exact.


Carvajal – RB – 79 OVR
Another week and another Madrid IF. Real Madrid cruised to a 4-0 win away at Eibar. Ronaldo scored twice and assisted another but for him I don’t feel that will be enough. Carvajal on the other hand after receiving an 8/10 for his part in Madrid’s win should be enough.

fifa defender

Carl Medjani – CB – 70 OVR
A brace and a clean sheet for a CB is usually enough on its own but when it’s away at Galatasary there is no doubt in my mind that Medjani will be IF this week.

fifa 15

Jér?me Boateng – CB – 85 OVR
Boateng is a massive punt this week with him only being in because I was lacking a gold defender and a big name, both of which he fits in to. He received a 2 on kicker gfr his shift in Munich’s 4-0 win against Hoffenheim but I would say he has about a 30% chance of being in.

fifa 15

Paul Pogba – CM – 83 OVR
Pogba scored twice for Juvenus as theybeat Lazio 3-0 away. He received an 8/10 from Gazzetta which along with the fact that he is a pack seller basically makes him a certainty.

fifa 15 midfielder

Mile Jedinák – CDM – 76 OVR
Although it’s not much of a surprise recently, Palace managed to come from behind to beat Liverpool 3-1. Jedinak was pivotal in his central role in Palace’s comeback. He scored the final goal and claimed MOTM for doing so.

Dimitri Payet – CAM – 78 OVR
There was limited options from Ligue 1 this week however Marseille played Bordeux which should result in an IF. I think the obvious choice for this spot is Payet after he claimed two assists and a 7 on L’equipe. Fanni is another option after he also claimed a 7 but I feel Payet will be in this week.

fifa 15

Quincy Promes – RM – 74 OVR
Promes was involved in three of Moscows goals, with two goals and an assist as they won 4-2. I’m not sure if we will see two IF’s from the RPL so I feel it will be between Promes and Ari

fifa 15 guide

Lionel Messi – ST – 93 OVR
It was always going to happen the question was just when. Messi broke the all time La Liga goalscoring record in style as he put three past Sevilla as Barcelona won 5-1. He recieved a perfect 10 from Marca and the only way he won’t feature this week is if he gets a special card.


Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting – ST – 76 OVR
There was no one who excelled in the Bundesliga this week but they will always have atleast one player involved. I think that player will be Moting after he scored twice for Schalke in their 3-2 win against Wolfsburg.

fifa 15

Andrea Consigli – GK – 78 OVR
I have played safe with the keepers this week as you can see with two gold keepers. Consigli made 5 saves in total with one being a pen save as Sassuolo beat Torino 1-0. The two silvers I feel are in contention this week are Sergio Padt and Rémy Vercoutre So I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those two.

fifa 15

Jordan Clarke – RB – 64 OVR
Clarke scored twice as struggling Yeovil came from behind to beat high flying County 2-1. County were down to 10 men but nevertheless I think Clarke is a certainty for this weeks team.

fifa 15

Keith Lowe – CB – 59 OVR
Although I think that Keith Lowe might miss out this week I had to select him after he scored twice from CB for York as they won 3-1. The only reason I feel that he might miss out is because of Clarke.

fifa 15

Diego Farías – LW – 71OVR
Farias scored twice for Cagliarli as they drew 3-3 with Napoli which can only be explained as a shocking defensive display. Farias claimed an 8/10 from Gazzetta which will hopefully be enough as he looks set to be a great IF.

fifa 15

Jakob Ankersen – LM – 68 OVR
Anksersen was the first player to make my list this week after a poor showing from Friday games meant that his hat trick early on Saturday made him the first player in to the side.

fifa 15

Aaron O’Connor – ST – 58 OVR
Aaron looks set to join the list of bronze English IF’s after he scored a hat trick for Newport as they shocked Bury to win 3-1 away from home.

fifa 15

Andrea Caracciolo – ST – 67 OVR
Another hat trick, this time in Serie B as Brescia drew 3-3 with 9 men Carpi. Although he scored a hat trick he is far from a certainty, all three of his goals were penalties as well as two of them coming while Carpi were down to 9 men. Although his hat trick was near enough gifted to him however I can see him sneaking in to the side.
fifa 15

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FIFA15 highly anticipated latest news

FIFA 15 News: we have collated and reported in our own FIFA Expert way, the very latest news from EA Sports regarding the much anticipated FIFA 15 ! ! ! ! They have gone big on the visual aspect and realism that the next gen consoles have allowed and are saying, on FIFA 15, you will ‘FEEL THE GAME’.


Visual Aspect

Living pitch – EA pushed this very strongly at E3. Pitches will now wear throughout the 90 minutes and beyond, you’ll see player footprints and they will now leave marks on the pitch where it may become scuffed after a slide tackle, for example. Player kits will now become dirty throughout the game items such as the corner flags will now move if players collide into them. A cool new feature we like is that you will see and hear the post/bar shake after a powerful shot has struck it.

Another aspect of this visual focus in the stadiums. For FIFA 14 next gen they focused on these living worlds and bring the stadiums to live. For FIFA 15 this was always going to be better with the more powerful next gen consoles. Stadiums will have club specific atmospheres and crowds will now react to in game scenarios much more intelligently. For example, you’ll see the Liverpool kop before and towards the end of the game with their scarves held aloft belting out their anthem, ‘You’ll never walk alone.’, you’ll see ‘The Yellow Wall’ at Dortmund and you’ll see Man City fans doing the Poznan if their team is winning easily towards the end of the game. This is something that all adds to the believability of the game and brings realism to the whole experience.

Finally, player emotions has also been worked on. Although they are using the same facial capture tools, players hair will now have a freedom of movement so you will see that incredible David Luiz barnet bouncing up and down!

Ball Physics
This was always going to be something they pushed and improved upon for FIFA 15 because of the success of the Pure Shot they introduced for FIFA 14. These ball physics have now been rebuilt and bettered AND have been brought to the ground. This is great news, for us and anyone who loves to play the game by passing and not just relying on pace. Players will now have to react to ball momentum and the ball can ow recognise where it has made contact with and spin/bounce accordingly. What they mean is, if the ball makes contact with the outside of your players foot or the very end of the toe, the touch is far more likely to run away from your player whereas if they had controlled it flush with their instep, it would be a far more accurate touch. This is going to improve the feel for the game. It must be said that the ball will not react to the pitch (yet!) so you won’t get any bobbles or weird bounces just yet. (Perhaps something we’ll see for FIFA 16?)

This is another word we’ve been hearing a lot from the guys at EA. In short, they are basically reassuring fans that they are working to fine tune and balance the game as much as possible. FIFA 14 had several areas of the game which were over powered and unbalanced (headers, crosses, corners and lobbed through balls). They are saying that the responsiveness of these areas are being addressed and that the new ball physics improvements will go a long way to helping to balance these out.

Other items coming in the near future
These areas below are all items which we will be hearing about very soon for FIFA 15 and we’ll research and write them up as soon as we hear anything at all.

New skill moves – no final number yet but there are new flicks and a fake pass we’ve heard about.

New celebrations – There will be several new celebrations to keep things fresh and the AI players will now react to more important goals so late winners or goals in derbies will get all the team rushing over to join in the celebrations!

Licensing – they’ve been very closed about this area so far but have said more news will follow.

Team mate controls from set-pieces – We’ve heard that you can control players from your set-pieces by flicking the right stick to select and move men in the box before changing back to the corner taker using R2/RT. We’ll let you know more about this as we hear it.

AI tactics – this area is a bit vague and we’re hoping it doesn’t effect your team without you ordering it to. You can now park the bus and change to ‘in the mixer’ style but we’re REALLY hoping this doesn’t happen automatically.

If you have ANY thoughts at all about these items then please leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this FIFA 15 news.More news can be click here.

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how to use methods to get you making more coins

How to make FUT coins quickly and easily

Like any marketplace in the world, you can make the most coins on FUT by buying low and selling high. Some users can look for a quick sale so will place a player you know sells for more up for sale for a lower price. If this happens, buy the player, even if you already have one in your squad. Simply place him straight into your transfer list and make a profit. Any profit is good, especially in the early stages of the game when the market is unsettled.


In the very beginning, playing games will help you build your squad. If you play 4 games and do reasonably well in those games (you could lose all 4) you’ll still make around 2,000 coins for your efforts. The temptation can be to spend some of your real cash on the game. To start with we found ourselves saying, ‘what is £1.99?’ or however much the packs were at the time. This can soon add up though and since the game mode has been released into FIFA we haven’t spent a single penny and we won’t be doing so for FIFA 15 either. On FIFA 14 We made over 5,000,000 coins in trading using the methods in this section but mainly n our guide and this isn’t with spending hours and hours in front of the laptop or on the console.

Track your bids
By logging onto the FIFA Ultimate Team web app on your PC or Laptop you can easily keep track of any bids you’ve placed and you update your squad. This is crucial if you’re going to be trading. We do a lot of our bidding on the web app. Our best advice is to wait until 30 seconds remains, place the next highest bid. You will rarely get players watching their bids, especially with the cheaper players so this is the best method we have found and stops you having to use the buy it now prices or getting into bidding wars from 2 minutes to go.
The app for iPhone and Android users is also superb for keeping track of your bids, particularly when you start bidding on players worth in excess of 25k. With the smaller priced players it doesn’t really matter too much if you miss a deal as there will be another one along shortly. With the IF players or the more expensive ones deals a more of a rarity so it’s crucial you watch the deal right until it expires.

So there you have it, this is literally 1 and a half pages from our guide, there are over 30 more with much more detailed explanations and diagrams of how to use methods to get you making more coins. Honestly, instead of buying FIFA points of coins, spend £2.99 on our FUT guide and you’ll save yourself a lot of money and become a great trader to buy the best players for your teams.

FUT guide details(basic)
- Introduction
- Team chemistry
- The basics
- Chemistry styles explained
- Best chemistry styles for certain positions
- Best chemistry styles for your style of play
- Building your team effectively
- Team maintenance
- Best suited formations for FUT
- Club and EA catalogue tips
- Trading tips
- The basics
- How to make coins quickly and easily
- Selling tips
- 12 page trading walk through from a top 100 worldwide trader on FIFA 12, 13 & 14

- FIFA Expert’s favourite trading methods
- Mass bidding
- In depth trading with TOTW
- Trading with unpopular IF’s
- Trading with IF’s
- Making coins using players with chemistry styles
- Price fixing
- Trading with consumables
- Trading using real-life player performances
- Trading using tournaments

- FIFA Expert’s hidden gems of trading
- How to pick players to trade with
- Trading with different amount of coins
- Best tips summarised

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Build your team and squad FUT15

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading Tips

These are our very basic trading tips for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team / FUT. Whether it’s using the web app, console or tablet/phone, this will help get you started on the road to making coins to build your teams and squads for FUT 15. On FIFA 14 we totalled over FIVE MILLIONS COINS profit and that is without the help of using any real money on packs or FIFA points or buying coins from the internet from coin sellers. We have, on our team, a top 100 worldwide trader from FIFA 12, 13 & 14 and he is the one who taught us the methods we use and continue to use today.


Before we get started, it is worth mentioning that if you are an avid FUT player and want to learn our VERY BEST TIPS for Ultimate Team on FIFA 15 then you should take a look at this link (click here). This guide which costs only £2.99 when bought seperately has over 50 pages of trading tips, chemistry style tips (to get the best suited ones for your players) and much, much more (see below for a full lit of chapters and features of the guide).

Trading tips(basic)
Buying player cards for less
This may sound pretty obvious but it is crucial to making decent profit. The primary thing to do is to pick a popular player who is going to be fairly cheap. Particular traits to look for are: speed, acceleration, strength, agility, ball control and obvious ones for position types. Defenders: strength, jumping, heading. Midfielders: passing, vision, long shots. Strikers: finishing, attack positioning, heading, strength, agility.

We had a lot of success on FIFA 14 with Sturridge and Remy for the BPL and Ibarbo and Balotelli for Serie A. To single out these players, it is far easier since the changes made to FIFA 14. Read below.

On the web app and on console you can search for the players name so this makes it easy to single out a player. To single a player out using the search parameters if you were wanting to narrow it down even further; looking for Robin Van Persie of Man Utd, for example, we search for Premier League, Man Utd and Netherlands for nationality in the striker position. Scroll through maybe 20-30 versions of the same player card so you can get an idea of their market value and what people are bidding on them. If you see a few people placing bids of say 40,000 coins (remember this is just an example) then you want to be scrolling through and placing bids on any versions of RVP or any other player you choose to use. You’ll be surprised how many you can find because so many people play the game. If you have the time then adding these players to your watch list and waiting until 30 seconds of the auction remain then this is the best way.

Your best bet is to ignore shiny gold (rare) or black cards (in-form players) to begin with, as these usually go for thousands or even tens of thousands of coins. The IF player cards can reach 100,000 – 5,000,000 which is a long way off for a beginner so find a cheapish player who you think will sell well and be in demand and then focus on them.

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