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Albion Online: A Guide For Beginners

Friends in search of adventures, approach. Begin your journey in the land of Albion. But no question of heading for the first without having previously prepared his trip. So for all the apprentice heroes, read these few lines and prepare to dive into the world of Albion.


Character Creation

The creation of the character has absolutely no impact on the evolution of your part: the choice is purely cosmetic. With this ready it is during this screen that is designated the place of appearance of your character. If you want to be competitive or play with your friends, this is an important point.

Creation in itself is purely visual. You can choose the type of physics of your character, his haircut, his beard as well as the complexion of his skin or his hair. Despite being very careful since you will play this character for many hours, then make sure that this one you like and corresponds to you.

As for the place of appearance, there are 10 places of departure: five on small isolated islands and five located directly on the main continent of the game. If those located on the islands are ideal for beginners who want to take their time And play quietly, it is not the case for players wanting to be more competitive. Indeed, to leave these places, you will have to pay a sum to a ferryman who will take you and your business to the mainland.

Where it is necessary to be careful, it is that it is not possible to manually adjust the point of appearance. You must therefore agree with your guild or friends beforehand in order to create a character who will arrive at the same place of appearance as your comrades. If this is not the case, delete the character and create it again, and repeat the procedure until it falls to the right place of appearance.

Following the creation of the character will take place a short tutorial that we invite you to follow in order to make your first guns properly. If you have started on an island, it is possible to leave the island free of charge if you are naked as a worm, otherwise you will have to spend some of your precious money.

Choose Your Destiny

In Albion, the progression is based on a system of reputation. Each action you make gets a greater or lesser amount of fame. It is this fame that makes you progress on the board of destiny, the skill and ability tree of the game. If each point of renown makes you progress as an adventurer (which allows you to unlock more frames more Performing), these points are also distributed in more specialized branches.

Indeed, each action will orient you more on the panel. For example cutting wood will allow you to specialize in this area. This will enable you to master more advanced cutting tools and thus tackle scarce and hard-to-find resources. In the same way, occire monsters with a dagger allows you to specialize in his mastery and thus unlock more weapons of this kind.

The more difficult the action, the greater the amount of fame gained. In other words, cutting scarce wood resources is more renowned than wood of lower quality. Likewise killing powerful monsters gives you more points than weak monsters.

So it is your actions that make who you are on this panel and it is important to specialize in Albion if you want to progress. It is not conceivable to advance all the fields at the same time if you really want to make your place in this world. The higher the increments of progressions, the more time is needed to progress in the field, hence the need to opt for specialization.

For a lone player, it is best to tackle the leather harvest. Indeed, this specialization offers many benefits. Not only does hunting allow you to increase your weapon-related fame points, but in addition the harvest allows you to increase your leather specializations. It is also possible that certain game animals may “fall” on farm animals, which can either be used for breeding or sold.


Choosing Your Equipment

In Albion, you are what you wear. Your gear is what sets you in combat and that’s the clothes you can wear depend on your actions.

It is possible to equip many objects on your character, starting with armor. Your armor will usually define your defensive skills and your resistance. If you want to specialize in tanking, you will want to choose a plate armor. If you want to focus on damage, you will generally want to focus on leather armor. If you have a vocation to stay away from the melee and attack with spells, then the armor of cloth is made for you.

But what will really define your style of play will be your weapon and here the possibilities are many. From classic sword to heavy axe through the quarterstaff, the possibilities are enormous, especially since you can then mix with your armor. First of all, try to find the style of play that best suits you, keeping in mind the notion of archetype.

In summary, we can say:

Tank: plate armor, shield, sword, hammer, maces and axes, etc.
DPS (damage per second): leather armor, bow, daggers, torches, staffs, etc.
Sorcerer: cloth armor, staff corresponding to your desires (dps, control, care), books, etc.

An Immense And Complex World

The world of Albion is large and divided into multiple zones. These areas are grouped under different criteria: color, tier and biome. The color is particularly important since it is the witness of the level of dangerousness of these. The colors range from blue to black.

In blue zones, the player vs player (or PvP) is prohibited and you have no risk of making bad encounters. If you die in these areas, you will keep your equipment and get up after a few moments. Then come the yellow areas where PvP is possible but must be activated beforehand. If you do not activate PvP, you will not be able to attack an opponent. However, if he has activated his PvP mode he can attack you, but you will benefit from a defense bonus against him. If you die, you will not lose anything, as in blue areas. Red zones are danger zones and PvP is activated at any time. However, groups of 10 players or more are shown on the map and you know which areas to avoid. If you die in red zone, you will lose all your equipment, back to square one. Finally, the black areas are merciless, nothing is indicated, and you will not know if you are about to fall on it by a large group of players or not. Needless to say, death here does not pardon either.

We advise you to venture into this kind of areas to benefit from a good mount in order to be able to distance your opponent in case of attack. If your opponent uses the same frame as you, he will not be able to catch you up and if your mount is better then no chance of having any worry whatsoever.

On the map, the zones are also indicated with a corresponding tier. This tier party indicates the level of quality of resources you will be able to find there and the level of the enemies that you will be able to meet there. The higher the tier of the zone, the more difficult the opponents will be. Be careful where you put your feet.

Finally, each zone is distributed according to a biome. This biome is the indicator of the resources you can find on the area and how much you will find. Each zone can contain only three different resource types, often with a primary resource. This resource will be found in quantity and especially to tiers higher than the others.

Resources And Tiers

The resources in Albion Online are paramount and fall into five categories: wood, stone, hide, ore and fiber. Each of these categories contains 8 tiers of scarcity. From Tier 4, each resource can also be enchanted in three different types (they will be called T4.1, T4.2, T4.3 etc.).

To harvest these resources, one must have the tool corresponding to the resource that one wants to exploit. This tool can harvest the resource of its tier + 1. In other words, a level 2 ax can harvest 1, 2 and 3 of wood. Nevertheless, from level 4, things change slightly since enchanted resources require the use of a tier-party tool. To harvest enchanted tier-party timber 4 requires at least one tier ax 4. This same ax will be able to harvest level 5 wood as long as the wood is not enchanted.

For collectors, it is important to use an outfit of the same type as the resource in question. Not only do these outfits allow you to harvest more, but they also have skills that are specific to them and help players in their task. When harvesting resources, it is important not to get too far from the mount, which allows you to get a port advantage when you are not far from it. This bonus is displayed as a slightly colored area circle surrounding your frame. If you leave the circle, the frame disappears with the bonus and you will have to call it up again.

These resources will then have to be refined for use. It should be noted that the resources of lower tier parties are still important because they are often needed during the refinement of superior resources. During the refinement of a resource, it is possible to recover some of the resources used randomly, in this way, with a little luck, you can produce more than expected.

Becoming An Islander

To acquire an island in Albion, you have to go to the corresponding seller. If the cost of the island is only 6,500 pieces of silver, you must still have a premium account in order to buy it: to conserve the island and maintain it thereafter, Premium is no longer necessary. It is possible to be premium on all types of Albion purchase and it is also possible to buy the premium with gambling money at a fluctuating course determined by the players, as the rest of the economy .

Nevertheless, the choice of position of the island is very important. The city in which you choose to create your island is your only access point to your island. So be careful to create your island in the place that suits you best for your activity or to connect you with your guild for example. Thereafter, it is possible to remove the island, but only by returning to its city of creation. It is not possible to own several islands. It is nevertheless possible to make you free to your island provided to be totally naked.

On its island, there are:

  • Fields: these allow to feed the farms, but also the employees working on your island. They also make it possible to make food consumable afterwards and that will increase PV, power, harvesting capacity and weight or even decrease cooldown.
  • Livestock: These animals are useful either to make food or to create mounts. It is also possible to create a kennel allowing to create more wild mounts.
  • Crops: these will be used to grow plants that will be used in alchemy.

Initially, it is not possible to build many buildings, then by purchasing improvements, space is created in order to create a real second economy.

It is advisable for the lone players to have a breeding to produce the frames that can sell very expensive. To provide for the needs of future mounts, it is also advisable to have at least one field to produce food for the animals. In this way, it is possible to produce and sell frames, real profit for a single player or guild.

A Flourishing Economy

Economics is a primordial mechanics in Albion. This is entirely governed by the players, and it then appears a real offer and demand. Everything is buyer and everything is salable in Albion Online. Indeed, it is possible to propose each resource, each material, each tool, weapon or armor to the sale. The selling price will depend not only on the quality of the equipment sold, but also on the supply and demand. In other words, a scarce resource in a region will be sold expensive, whereas a common resource will see its price fall. You will be able to sell your wood stock a fortune in some cities while on the contrary this one will not be worth anything in others.

Consequently, many mechanics can result from a system like this one. It is possible, for example, to speculate. Go to an area where the resources of a certain type are inexpensive to resell them in an area where they are rarer, in order to sell them more expensive. But in the same way, it is possible to engage in brigandage while waiting for harvesters or speculators to leave a city to sell their goods in another. Kill them and get the resources and therefore the money.

Real estate also has an important place in the game. Each city offers construction points that it is possible to buy, and then build on the site. These constructions are those that allow you to subsequently refine resources and produce tools and other equipment. These buildings are also subject to market rules since it is possible to put a tax for the players who use it. Thus, the owner of the building earns money each time a player uses it. Whenever you use a building controlled by another player, pay attention to the tax charged by it, some have tendencies to practice ridiculously expensive rates, do not be ripped off.

You can find all our Albion Online game guides on UpAlbion. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the official site of the game and to buy a Starter Pack!

Albion Online released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux.

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Visit Albion Online And Discover The Fascinating Game

MMORPG Albion Online has been in testing since 2015, and finally the project was released. For a few years the developers have come a long way and improved almost all aspects of the game. Only in recent months there have been several major updates – Hellgates, Black Market, Galahad and Hector, who added a lot of interesting novelties to the world of Albion.


The players have already mastered the new world map, were able to evaluate the updated skill system, special equipment for the gatherers, get acquainted with the new Black Market trader, mounts, Guardians and other innovations of closed testing.

If you have not already visited Albion Online, it’s time to start your journey and discover this fascinating game. On our news page you will find a lot of useful manuals, reviews and guides, with which even a beginner will be very easy to understand all the wisdoms of Albion. In addition, you can always find a reliable store to buy cheap albion online gold, silver and power leveling.

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The All-New Albion Online Starter Packs Available Now

Albion Online announced the official release of the brand-new Starter Packs before the game launches.

As the game is set to release on July 19th, wonder when you can start playing? The Veteran Founders and Veteran Starters have access to Albion Online at 13:00 UTC on July 19. Epic Founders and Epic Starters can visit the game at 13:00 UTC on July 18 while Legendary Founders and Legendary Starters will have access to the servers at 13:00 UTC on July 17.

Starter Packs

According to the official announcement, Founder Packs owners can visit the test-server Mordred from July 10 around 12:00 UTC.

Veteran Starter Packs: $29.95

Status Items

  • 2,000 Gold
  • 30 Days Premium Status

Epic Starter Packs: $49.95

Status Items

  • 4,500 Gold
  • 60 Days Premium Status

Special Items

  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Legendary Starter Packs: $99.95

Status Items

  • 12,000 Gold
  • 90 Days Premium Status

Special Items

  • Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Avatars


  • Legendary Cart
  • Legendary Horse

Other Items

  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars
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Guardians May Be The Most Valuable Source Of Resources Of Albion Online

On the eve of the upcoming MMORPG update Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive posted a fresh release of the developer’s diaries. This time the article is devoted to the most powerful creatures of the game, known as the Guardians. They protect the world from the players. Naturally, it’s worth killing them to pick up a valuable loot. It is necessary to justify the hopes placed on you.


Do not even try to kill the Guardian in solo – you’ll need a group of about 10 people to defeat him, but if you bring a lot of people, the prey will have to be divided into all. It is worth noting that 15 minutes after the start of the battle, the Guardian will become enraged, and other players may well spoil your life by attacking you. But despite all the inconveniences, it’s the Guardians that will become the most valuable source of resources, because you can get as many as 2,560 Tier 6 resources (without taking into account the various bonuses).

The Guardian’s respawning is completely random. After the last murder, it can take 12 to 48 hours to wait before the boss is reborn again. This means that many guilds will day and night scour around the neighborhood and eliminate unwanted competitors. Of course, the Guardians will settle anywhere, so you’ll have to look for them in red and black locations, so get ready for a bloody battle for resources.

To grab more details on these Guardians of natural riches, visit or just buy cheap albion online gold and powe leveling here.

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Hector Is Live In Albion Online Now

On June 7, the “Hector” update was installed on the Albion Online game servers. This is the last update before the upcoming official release, which is scheduled for July 17. This means that in the coming month one should not expect any innovations. Developers will focus on correcting bugs and polishing gameplay.

Hector, the final content update for Albion Online’s beta, is now live! Discover the Black Market, new mounts, Realmgate to the Outlands and much, much more!

“Hector” added the Black Market to the game. This system can remind many old MMORPGs. In the vastness of Albion, you can now find a shadow merchant and sell him things that have themselves been scrapped. And then your item can randomly knock out another player from the mob or find it in the chest.

Earlier we already wrote that the team is planning the redesign of the Hellgates. Finally they did it and now you will see them in an updated form. The map, minibosses and mechanics have changed. Now they are divided into three levels of complexity: safe zones, yellow zones, red and black zones.

In the black zones, now, instead of cities and harbors, there will be royal portals in Caerleon. Through them you can get to the right part of the Outlands and return. Also Tier 8 resources you can find only near the watchtower territories. With the rest of the details you can see in the patch. Just make sure to visit our site regularly to gather cheap albion online gold at reasonable price for you.

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The Latest Prominent Features Of Hector In Albion Online

The next content update is almost here, bringing the Black Market, redesigned Hellgates and more. Find out everything you need to know here!

It’s no longer a secret: Hector is coming to Albion Online on June 7, 2017! This is the last update before the game’s release on July 17, 2017, and it came packed. Go to the Hector update page to take a look at what you can expect.


Here is the summary of Hector’s latest prominent features!

New functionality: the Black Market

The Black Market merchant is a new non-playable character that can be found in Caerleon, the central city of the Royal Continent. This dark figure buys equipment from the crafters and redistributes it to the mobs and chests of Albion, who in turn leave the items to the players. But make no mistake, as this character is not a typical merchant with infinite demand: all Black Market buy orders are based on the amount of monsters that are killed in PvE.

This new feature has several benefits. First, it allows us to add good items to be left by the monsters from Albion Online, without taking away the player-based economy factor. All equipments are created by players again! Additionally, since the Black Market merchant is bleak, it can be used as a drain of items for low-tier items. Lastly, we can remove the Essences from refinement and get rid of refined features like Hellgates and chests.

Stay tuned for more information on the Black Market, coming soon!

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Albion Online – The Player-Driven MMO Game Received A PVP Upgrade

What is Albion Online? Albion Online is a medieval sandbox MMO. It allows people to write their own stories in a vast medieval world. The gam is just a lot of fun and it is the kind of game, you can easily spend a few hours playing and then wonder where the time went!


Previously, fans have been asking developer Sandbox Interactive for improvements to the game’s Hellgates, Albion Online’s version of a combined PvP/PvE zone. As a reply, the game’s Hellgates have gotten a revamp in the form of its “Hector” update. Here’s a list of features that have come with the update courtesy of an official press release.

  • Mob interactions and map layout have been redesigned to give players a better PvP experience without concerning themselves with wandering demons that can affect the outcome of team fights.
  • Mob placement has been improved to prevent stagnant stand-offs and lead to more skirmishes between opposing teams.
  • Dynamic spawn points will give both teams an equal chance and allow for changing gameplay.
  • Hellgates now spawn in three types; 2v2 in green zones, 5v5 in yellow zones, as well as 5v5 in red & black zones, with the risk – and reward – increasing from zone to zone. Rewards will scale based on the difficulty of the zone, with green being the easiest and black the hardest.

What will the future hold? While waiting for a new influx of changes and awaiting the launch date, we give you some of the key data of Albion Online in Albion Online gold are essential for players to buy items in game cause we need Albion Online currency to buy gears and items for our characters. A simple and quick way to buy Albion Online Gold is provided by UpAlbion, so does Albion Online power leveling service.

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U4GM Gives Albion Gamers Numerous Possibilities

Based on each gamers type, Albion Online is dedicated to offers varied gameplay in online role playing. Including classic PvE, and you fight with gamers against monsters of all kinds and reach important raw matericals, huge GvG battles or engaging PvP battles in the team. Actually, you can conquer the whole game world with the help of albion online gold.


In Albion Online, you can enjoy your own housing, at the same time, you have entitled to create your own home, and then whole cities with thriving business. However, U4GM gives you numerous possibilities, due to its various unbeatable pros such as reasonable price, instant delivery in 5 minutes, the top quality service as well as safety guarantee. Our tip: buy albion gold now at U4GM.

In comparison to other supplier in the gaming industry, U4GM has rich experience, aiming to meet the expectation and needs of ours customers. From this point of view, U4GM has been reached a new milestone. We take merely the fastest delivery, the safest guarantee, the cheapest price, the top quality service, and offering a wide range of methods to meet clients’ needs.

In conclusion,U4GM offers diverse currency, we have strong protection system so we are safe to buy albion gold. We do price check everyday to make the albion online gold cheap prices. You can enjoy 100% safe 24/7 online service for your game gold. Your best choice.

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Albion Latest Patch Revealed: Galahad Patch #5

Albion latest patch revealed, Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981, official website has been listed those patches, more contents and patch update, stay tuned: Let’s take a look at details about Galahad Patch #5 / Version 1.0.319 / REV 82981.


Zerg Display in Outlands Test.
This is part of a bigger effort to improve the role/gameplay of the Outlands.
As part of a testing phase we’re enabling the display of groups larger than 10 player on the cluster & minimap in the Outlands, similar to the red zone.
We’ll be keeping this feature enabled for at least two weeks and will then analyze the collected data about Outland PvP in that time period to make a decision regarding the future of the feature.
We’re doing this because we think enabling this feature encourages a more tactical gameplay in the Outlands and allows smaller groups of players to become active in the outlands.

Guild Rank Permission Changes
An “Officer” can now promote/demote players up to “Guardsman” rank.
The “Right Hand” can now manage alliance features in addition to the guild leader.
A “Warmaster” can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the “Officer” role is being able to declare GVG attacks and kick players from the guild.
A “Master of Coin” can no longer give up territories, destroy buildings or take control of buildings. Main distinction from the “Officer” role is being able to manage guild tax and guild account as well as the ability to kick players from guild.

Other Changes
Reduced time to teleport out of a dungeon from 60 to 30 seconds (teleporting out of a dungeon is less safe than logging out but had the same time investment).
Reputation Info Screen is now in the new UI look and includes the information what zones can be accessed

Fixed a minimap issue in “Wild Shaft”.
Fixed beams not getting properly removed when going invisible.
Fixed inspection window not updating when inspection target without closing the window before.
Fixed an issue where resources in the building upgrade UI were not always displayed correctly.
Fixed an issue where your client could get stuck in loading screen after leaving an expedition.
Removed “Resource depleted!” message appearing after successfully harvesting a resource.
Fixed an issue which closed the loot UI instantly when multiple groups where involved in killing a mob.
Fixed an issue which disabled hotkey use and chatting after sending a party or guild invitation.
Fixed an issue which allowed players to repeatedly receive spawn immunity near city entrances in the Outlands.
Fixed an issue which gave the party who made the kill the mob fame instead of the party whol dealt the most damage.
Fixed a bug where a duel partner could be damaged or even killed by an attack that coincided with the end of the duel.
Fixed “Slit Throat” ability displaying the wrong damage values in tooltip (the actual damage dealt was correct).

Gamers have been keeping a close eye on the update of Albion Online patch, aboved mentioned changes as well as fixes, if you have other questions about Albion Online, no matter what you put forth questions, you can contact with us at any time. Do you plan on buying albion online gold?

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Albion Online Deliver A Clear Visual On The After Galahad

Because an encrypted report brings a light and a rather effective reading on a balance sheet, the developers of Albion Online deliver us a clear and humorous visual on the after Galahad!

On March 13, Sandbox Interactive delivered its biggest update so far, called Galahad, which has made many changes, improvements, and new content. Lately the developers have brought us a look at their future work leads, and now they offer us the opportunity to see in figures all that has been accomplished so far after the update.

Remember that the server is global so all these figures concern the entire Albion Online community of all countries.

This ranges from the number of founders on the game to the number of (so cute) rabbits killed. Let’s see what the numbers give after a month of intense play after the Wipe upgrade.

We can see at a glance that no less than 212,815 Founders have / will contribute to the evolution of Albion Online, who have played since Galahad the equivalent of 320 years!


This confirms that the game has rather good hours in front of him as for his community and the fact that he is able to make valuable returns for the developers. All these founders bring each hour of play their stone to the building and allow to make the time of the beta adjustments necessary to the overall balance of the game.

Economically, but also so that everyone can find themselves, players Solo as guilds, breeders as warriors.

By the way, do you need to fast get albion online gold? If you want to get enough gold quickly, is a efficient store to provide you with a huge variety of currency trading.

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