runescape defense

Tips to Get 99 Runescape Defence Fast

As featured in the both the 99 Attack guide and the 99 Strength guide, the best places to train Defence in order to runescape gold, or any melee skill in Runescape; is either at Giant Spiders or Bandits.

runescape defense

The first place many people train, once they become serious about training to 99 Defence, is at giant spiders. To learn everything you need to know about training at the Giant Spiders training spot, please check out The Giant Spider Training Guide.

Although Giant Spiders are a great way to get easy and fast experience when training to 99 Defence, seeing the same green level in the Stronghold of Security and hundreds of “giant” spiders crawling around may become redundant. Another great place to train is at Bandits.

Training at Bandits does cost a little more than training at Giant Spiders; however, Bandits provide slightly higher and more consistent experience. For all the information required to know how to train at Bandits, please check out The Bandit Training Guide.

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Runescape Seasonal HiScores

Runescape Seasonal HiScores Competition

We’ve currently got a few Seasonal HiScores which launched with runescape gold and are running live in the game now; they were created in order to test the water and see how you guys reacted to them, see what worked and what didn’t etc. It appears they’re going down really well (which is great), however it’s not enough – we need to keep going!

Runescape Seasonal HiScores

In order to continue the momentum, we need more Seasonal HiScores and while we’ve got a bunch of ideas here at Jagex we really want to see what you guys are interested in competing in. So I’m calling for you, the players, to put forward ideas you have for new Seasonal HiScores. They could be PvM based HiScores, PvP based HiScores, skilling based HiScores – anything really. We currently don’t support any HiScores based on “time” (so doing something the fastest, longest etc.), but we will do in the future – so please feel free to suggest HiScores based on a “time” based mechanic.

If you haven’t already competed in the current Seasonal HiScores, make sure you get involved! There are no requirements to enroll in HiScores (other than being a member) – just pick the HiScore you want to partake in, read it’s description to ensure you know what needs to be done, then start playing!

I’d also like to remind you, that once an occurrence of a HiScore finishes – if there are cycles remaining, you’ll be able to partake in the next occurrence which starts from scratch; all scores will be reset.Enough rambling from me anyways, please post your suggestions in this thread and we’ll go through and see how feasible each one is. We may even post a poll for you guys to vote on which Seasonal HiScore goes live next!

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If we expand range and magic into two skills, that further emphasizes these unique builds.

Jagex has left us with a major predicament here, there’s just no easy way around it. I’ve considered every option, and with every single option some portion of the players will receive the short end of the stick. The goal here is to minimize that player base as much as possible.There’s two major issues with the universal accuracy skill. The first being it ruins a part of account builds.

runescape skills

Remember how players used to choose a different attack level based on their needs? This didn’t just apply to pures, you would see players with 70 defence and a range of 50-80 attack depending on what they like to do runescape 2007 gold. That varying attack level gave them options, it made players unique, and allowed the same combat level to have a wide range of different play styles. If we expand range and magic into two skills, that further emphasizes these unique builds.

runescape king

Honestly, with the potential drawbacks you’ve raised, I’d say that’s not bad at all considering the drawbacks that other updates have done.Adding different types of melee is an amazing idea, but it would also add more problems rather than solving anything we currently have, the issue of attack and strength is still there.

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Seriously thinking about runescape experience

The day before yesterday I was seriously thinking about runescape experience from the beginning to the end: how many changed of runescape? So How do you think it???

Here I am, fighting Warped Tortoises in “RuneScape 3″ as Jagex has dubbed it. So much has changed, that it is frightening. It’s not even recognizable as RuneScape anymore. I just thought I’d share what was on my mind with the people here at Imgur, in the hopes that I stumble on some other old RuneScapers like myself.

The follow picture was some good guys comments

I am very pleased that people can give me so many good comments ,thanks a lots!!!

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It is possible to promote just like the very hot cakes and catch a significant sum of revenue also. The simplest way for your fresh miners to begin with together with will be to promote the particular coal ores. People coal ores needs to be smelted in addition to various other ores. And the particular miner mange to carry on simply by slicing dow the particular oaks and the particular willows.

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