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If you’re playing Madden NFL 20 at any kind of a challenging setting, the speed of opposing elite players can be discouraging. Pass rushers like Cameron Heyward for Pittsburgh get on you in a hurry and even disrupt running plays in the backfield, making play-calling and then audibling out of a bad look more important. It works both ways, though.

Usually, I control a defensive lineman because his job never changes and I’m less likely to overrun a play. But the separation that players with meaningful speed can achieve in Madden NFL 20 made me switch over to linebackers because a guy like Ryan Kerrigan or Von Miller is more capable of the behind-the-line-of-scrimmage disruption that any defensive coach wants from every play.

This immediately appealed to me, because I make terrible reads like a video game quarterback. But I rarely saw this callout with Roethlisberger or Tom Brady, another quarterback who has the trait. Usually, a receiver got open before the pocket was set up, mooting that advantage. I also tend to set up my drives with passing plays where there’s only one option, like screens and drags, which makes this ability irrelevant.

This year is in the “X-Factor Superstar” athletes. These are All-Pros who are so special they get a distinct gameplay advantage, or should, and Madden NFL 20 really wants you to know about them, making the list of these players and their secret weapons a front-page option in the user menu. Perusing it, I found that taking command of a dropback statue-like Ben Roethlisberger, the player will have the first open receiver highlighted when he’s in the pocket.

Every team has at least two players who get some thumb on the scale, but it’s in highly specific situations. Cover star Patrick Mahomes, the ascendant Kansas City quarterback, is great at throwing on the run, of course, just like in real life. But a close read reveals that he gets no edge if he’s throwing (a) high, (b) low, (c) under pressure, or (d) across his body.

The player with carte-blanche accuracy could destroy the balance of online multiplayer, ranked or otherwise. As such, Mahomes’ talent is something that rescues the occasionally broken play — because he does have perfect accuracy on cross-body throws when he’s not running or under pressure — rather than establishing a perfectly planned one.

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FIFA 20 Defending From the Front

It’s clear to see how to pressure high up the pitch and not allow your opponent an easy way out when in possession of the ball. By cutting off the next pass with the circled blue players you can then send the nearest man to the ball (the player with the star around him), the starred player will then go to pressure the ball. If the ball is switched across, use the right stick to flick, repeat the process.

This can help to catch the opposition off guard, and we guarantee it will lead to opponents making mistakes and leave you with easy chances to score or at the very least get a shot on goal. Failing this, they will be forced into clearing the ball long, and then you can win the header or bring the keeper out to sweep up.

If you are struggling to apply this type of pressure, then it’s time that you go into your custom tactics and start to use high pressure (or just the default high press on the direction pad).

Generally, they are not worth the difficulty for motives which are enough inside the long run. Although they’re useful for players who could know nothing regarding the game. For essentially the most aspect, they are mastering tools for novices to ease them into the game. For extra FIFA 20 News, you could visit Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code totally free in the reps in the event you Buy FIFA 20 Coins order from this article.