Month: June 2017

Guardians May Be The Most Valuable Source Of Resources Of Albion Online

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On the eve of the upcoming MMORPG update Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive posted a fresh release of the developer’s diaries. This time the article is devoted to the most powerful creatures of the game, known as the Guardians. They protect the world from the players. Naturally, it’s worth killing them to pick up a valuable ….  Read More

The Tailored Elder Scrolls Online Will Display In Xbox Scorpio

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According to a recent announcement by Zenimax Online and Bethesda Softworks, the online scrolling game “The Elder Scrolls Online” is tailored to the Xbox Scorpio. A fitting update will be released later this year. Only shortly after the official announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro last year, numerous developers and publishers came to the floor ….  Read More